Italian dog food: an overview of the most popular brands

Italian dog food is considered quality, balanced and safe. However, owners who trust advertising forget that the main indicator of feed quality is its class and composition. Below we will analyze the popular Italian feed, their advantages and disadvantages.

Almo nature

Almo Nature is a fairly wide range, consisting of wet and dry feed. The assortment contains food for adult dogs and puppies.

The manufacturer provides a choice of two lines:

  • Alternative - monoprotein diets.
  • Holistic - feeds made from raw materials of the class "human grade".

Rulers are slightly different in cost. It should be noted that many questions arise regarding the composition of the feed. There are fuzzy formulations, there is no indication of the percentage of the main ingredients - this is at least strange for super premium and holistic class. There are unexpectedly few meat ingredients in holivics, against the background of a high protein content (most likely, the indicator is “tucked” with vegetable proteins).

Crockex wellness

Crockex Wellness - Italian food from the famous (in Italy) producer Mister Pet. Food belongs to the premium class. Guaranteed protein levels of 25% - this is an excellent indicator for the premium class. When analyzing the composition, it turns out that the bulk of the protein is of animal origin - this is also excellent.

It contains vegetables, healthy supplements, and even probiotics. A full-fledged vitamin supplement, at least in the premium class, a more complete composition is rarely found. Another advantage of the feed is its competitive price. Significant disadvantages of the feed also have - in the composition there is corn and vague formulations. Additional doubts arise against the background of a clear concealment of the origin of preservatives.

Note! Crockex Wellness food could claim to be a super premium class, only corn in the composition separates it from this stage.

Farmina N&D

Farmina N&D - feeds that "balance" between super premium and holistic class. The manufacturer, of course, ranks its products as holistic. Food is produced not only in Italy. Manufacturers in Serbia and Brazil have certification.

Most of the rations can be safely attributed to the holistic class. Of the main advantages you need to highlight:

  • Protein base of animal origin.
  • In the composition there are offal, but they are correctly selected.
  • There is no doubt about the naturalness of the feed.
  • Good assortment.

The disadvantages of feed include low guaranteed rates (not in all diets) and high cost. In general, Farmina N&D feed has a good reputation; there are a lot of positive reviews on the network.

Forza 10

Forza 10 (Forza 10) -premium feed from the concern SANYpet SpA. The manufacturer confidently occupies a large layer of the local market, as it offers products in the form of several wide lines:

  • Legend - cereal-free feeds that can be safely classified as super premium.
  • Bio is a vegetarian line of feeds. One can argue about the benefits of such food, but in some countries it is in great demand.
  • Active Line is a series of medicinal feeds.
  • Diet - a series of diet foods for dogs suffering from allergies, food intolerances, overweight.
  • Maintenance-daily ration for dogs of different sizes.
  • Breeders are everyday dog ​​foods that exhibit at exhibitions and breeding.

Note! In the composition of the feed there are inaccurate formulations, however, a detailed analysis suggests that the bulk of the proteins is of animal origin.

Of the benefits, you can also highlight a good vitamin supplement and a rich assortment. The disadvantages, unfortunately, are more significant - there is corn in the composition, and the composition of special diets is not particularly better than the "average" daily feed.


Gemon is one of the "young" fast-growing dog foods. The sharp rise in popularity is due to aggressive marketing, because despite the declared "High Premium Quality", the composition of the feed is in doubt.

The range of feeds is substituted with rulers:

  • Maxi, Medium and Mini - dog food of various sizes and breeds,
  • Pouch, canned Light and pastes - wet food in sachets and banks. Light feeds are diet foods designed to dilute the diet, eliminate excess weight problems, and feed older animals.
  • Action Energy - feed for active dogs.

Alarming minuses include the grain basis of the feed, the high probability of containing flavors and flavor enhancers of unknown origin, a weak vitamin and mineral supplement, and unclear formulations in the composition. In addition, food is not widespread, although it has a relatively affordable price.


Meglium (Meglium) is another feed from the aforementioned producer Mister Pet. Food, without any hesitation, can be attributed to the premium class. Unfortunately, there is little information on Meglium feeds.

Note! The main information contains only the official website, and there it is submitted only in a compressed and fairly "convenient" form. Food is just beginning to "enter" the Russian market, it is almost not widespread and there are few reviews about it.

There are few disadvantages of the feed - there is corn in the composition and information about the origin of preservatives is kept silent. The advantages are greater and they are more significant!

The basis of the feed is meat ingredients, and in considerable quantities. There are practically no vegetable proteins in the feed, and this significantly reduces the risk of food allergies. The feed has a decent vitamin and mineral composition. Importantly, Meglium is significantly cheaper than its closest competitors.


Monge is a well-known food in the homeland. Interestingly, the production of "feed" arose from the need to dispose of waste carcasses and unclaimed products. Initially, the manufacturer company was engaged only in the production and supply of meat.

Despite the double impression, the information provided by the manufacturer inspires confidence. The information does not look "embellished", in addition, the data that is provided is detailed and comprehensive.

The Monge assortment includes:

  • Dry daily and veterinary feed.
  • Wet feed.

The feed has enough advantages:

  • Affordable price.
  • The basis of the feed is meat products.
  • Useful supplements.
  • Good vitamin and mineral nutrition.
  • Almost complete compliance of guaranteed indicators with generally accepted standards.

When analyzing the composition, a number of minuses are found. The first is the actual feed class - premium, with the declared super premium. Super premium food should not contain corn, and Monge has it in every diet.


Primordial (Primordial) - little-known food, claiming a place in the holistic class. Immediately consider the benefits:

  • The guaranteed indicator of protein is not lower than 30% and judging by the composition, it is of animal origin.
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • There are no cereals in the feed - this is excellent.
  • Food is actively exported and it becomes easier to buy.

The only disadvantages include a relatively high price. It is encouraging that the feed has been exported to Russia relatively recently, and there are many positive reviews about it.

Note! For some owners, a relatively narrow range may be a minus, but this is normal for a holistic class feed.

Proper Form & Temper

Proper Form & Temper (Proper Form and Temper) - feed, claiming to be a super premium segment. In fact, this is a premium, and not the most successful one. The manufacturer - the concern Gheda Petfood, is considered one of the largest in Italy, rightfully considered the industry leader.

The main lines:

  • Toys - for small dogs of all ages.
  • Mesomorf Lupoids - for medium dogs of all ages.
  • Mesomorf Molossoids - for large and giant dogs of all breeds.

The separation of the lines is quite reasonable, there is food for puppies and adolescents, adults and elderly dogs. Of course, many questions arise when analyzing the composition. All wordings are fuzzy, although there are percentage data on the content. Against the background of a low content of meat products, cereals of unknown origin are contained in the feed, that is, the protein component, most likely, is vegetable.


Safari - premium food from a major producer of Effeffe Pet Food SpA. The assortment of feed is quite rich, there are rations for dogs of different breeds and ages. More importantly, the compositions of almost all feeds are similar.

Having examined the composition in more detail, we find out that at least half of the proteins are of vegetable origin, which is acceptable for the premium class, but not good in general.

Important! The composition contains corn and salt, which can be considered the main disadvantages. Corn is an empty filler, and salt is an extremely undesirable preservative and flavor enhancer.

The vitamin and mineral supplement is "weak", there are inaccurate formulations in the composition, the origin of the preservatives is unknown - these are standard disadvantages for premium feed. The advantages include a relatively low price and meat base.


Schesir is a super premium feed. In fact, this is a premium of not very good quality. The range of dog foods has the following lines:

  • Bio - environmentally friendly, most natural feed.
  • Dry daily feed.
  • Wet food - canned food.

If you choose from three rulers, it is better to stop at Bio, since in the compositions of everyday feed in the first places there are a significant amount of cereals. Meat is only in second place. Oddly enough, the percentage of ingredients is registered in the composition, but the names themselves are veiled. For example, even with a detailed study of the composition, it is not clear which meat is used: fresh or dehydrated.

The benefits of feed include widespread popularity and prevalence. Vitamin and mineral supplement is medium, the composition is weak, and the price is high. Apparently, buyers are guided precisely by the price, which varies between premium and super premium.


Trainer - super premium food. The range is divided into three lines:

  • Natural - daily feeds, in fact, belong to the premium class.
  • Fitness 3 - diets based on three main ingredients and healthy supplements.
  • Top Breeder - food for show dogs and animals participating in breeding.

Daily feeds are divided by the weight and age of the pet - this is very convenient. The compositions are almost similar, but differ in guaranteed rates.

Note! Guaranteed Trainer performance does not reach the generally accepted standards of a super premium class, although the feed composition is acceptable.

Of the main advantages of feed, you can highlight the meat base and a good vitamin and mineral composition. There are also disadvantages: in the composition of corn, unclear formulations in the composition, the percentage of the main ingredients is not indicated.

Vet life

Vet Life is a Farmina Pet Food division of medicinal feeds. The main production facilities are located in Italy, but the feed is produced by certification.

The range consists of a number of highly specialized, medical and preventive feeds:

  • Gastrointestinal - digestive problems,
  • Hepatic - liver failure.
  • Renal - renal failure.
  • Struvite, Struvite Management and Management - urolithiasis, cystitis.
  • Cardiac - heart failure.
  • Diabetic - for diabetes.
  • UltraHypo - for food allergies.
  • Neutered - for sterilized and neutered.

Important! Medicated feed should not be used without the appointment of a veterinarian. Feeding a healthy dog ​​with medicinal food will provoke the development of the disease due to changes in metabolism.

The main advantage of the Vet Life line is a better and more balanced composition. Strange enough is the fact that Vet Life is an order of magnitude better than its closest competitors, but less popular. Most likely, veterinarians are concerned about corn gluten, which is part of many diets.

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