Why a dog digs in bed: reasons and how to overcome the natural needs of the animal

What if a dog digs in bed? Resign, educate, or seek reasons for special behavior? Immediately make a reservation, if you find torn sheets or a torn pillow, do not write off scolding the ward, perhaps the reason is not a desire to fool around, but absolutely natural needs.

Each dog has a den!

Let's start by debunking guesswork and speculation. Wild dogs, and our pets descended from them, live in dens-dens. Unlike burrowing animals, a dog needs a small indentation in soft ground or under a hillock. The main goal of the den equipment is to hide from the eyes of predators and sleep.

It is important to understand that a dog that lies with its eyes closed may not be asleep, but nap. In a state of slumber, the animal hears everything and feels the approach of a person / animal. In a state of sleep, the dog does not see, does not hear and does not smell. Deep sleep is the most vulnerable period for wild animals.

The den is convenient and even necessary for "outstaying" of bad weather or intense heat, because no one will help the wild animal in case of malaise. Having received a heat stroke, the dog is likely to die, and a small cold will leave the predator without a hearty meal. For domesticated pets, this can be trifles, but for a wild dog it is a threat to survival.

The den is needed to protect offspring. A wild mother dog cannot constantly protect puppies; she needs to drink, hunt and take care of herself. Puppies are left without protection and guardianship for several hours in a row, and their only chance of survival is stealth.

All of the above reasons are directly related to the situation when a pet dog is digging a bed. In addition to the bed, a pet can dig blankets, carpets, piles of washed clothes, bath towels ... anything that may seem like loose soil. You can watch the four-legged enthusiastically dig a sofa, nothing comes out of it, but after that, the dog spins in this place and lies down. Hence the conclusion - the presence of a den for a domestic dog is not so important, but the ritual is important.

Digging in bed indicates that the dog is not sure of its safety, she can’t retire to sleep well. Carefully evaluate the improvement of your home, can a pet hide under a table or sofa, relax in an empty room? Does the pet have a sleeping place? If the answers to these questions are negative - that’s the reason for you! The dog digs your bed, trying to dig a safe den.

How to wean a dog from digging in bed

Even the most loving owners are unlikely to put up with torn sheets, blankets or even damaged mattresses. Many owners react sharply to the presence of wool and saliva on bedding ... and this is not surprising. Your dog digs in bed and you decide to eradicate this habit? Be patient - it is possible, but it will require enterprise and time.

Immediately denote - it is impossible to wean a dog from survival instincts, and if you try, most likely, you injure the psyche of the pet. There are basically three ways out:

  • Come to terms.
  • Strictly monitor the dog and keep it out of bed, and if you look, reconcile.
  • Redirect the actions of the pet in a peaceful direction.

We are only interested in the latter option, and in order to proceed with its implementation, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures. Equip a comfortable, quiet and, if necessary, closed place for a pet’s sleep. Some dogs do not feel safe without a roof; to fix this problem, you can buy or make an impromptu canopy.

Is there a place, but the dog continues to dig your bed? The next step is the permitted digging place. A cardboard box with rags can be put next to the sunbed, believe me, the dogs are not stupid and the pet will understand why she was presented with such a gift. As soon as the four-legged climbs onto the bed, tell Fu and take him to a drawer with rags. If your pet is at least interested in a permitted place or trampled in it - generously praise.

Note! Some dogs are much better at digging in makeshift burrows with paper (for example, crumpled newspapers or pieces of wallpaper). The rustle will stand still, but your bed will remain unharmed.

Did not help? Then you need a voluminous soft thing or a piece of thick tissue (large). The bottom line is that you need to pile it on the dog's lounger so that a folded slide is obtained. This is, perhaps, a redistribution of the desires of all "furious" dogs.

Note! As soon as the pet has an alternative to digging in bed, any attempts to repeat the usual ritual should be stopped. That is, either the four-legged must be prohibited from climbing onto the bed, or allowed to rest on the bed, but to stop attempts to dig. Before you make sure that the animal has all the conditions for a sense of security, you should not scold him for digging a bed!

Digging means marking

A very important nuance of dog psychology that needs to be understood by each owner. If the pet digs the floor, blanket, mattress stubbornly, she considers this item to be property for sleeping. Having scratched the blanket, the dog marks it and do not be surprised if it tries to steal the property or will look at you with an incomprehensible look, when you once again pray to the dog gods. Scratching the floor, digging the bed, things, bedding - this is a "symptom" of infringement. Your pet has no property and is forced to appropriate what seems appropriate to him.

Another nuance - between the fingers of the dog there are glands that secrete a secret with an individual smell. When the pet scratched the sheet, he spotted it. This smell is stronger than yours (for a dog) and is more important. You can get rid of the marking by washing or treating with flavors, for example, if the pet has appropriated a sofa, carpet or voluminous blanket.

Important! Do not forget to talk with your ward and explain your motivation in an appropriate tone. When the leader of the pack says: "This is mine, you can’t, fu!" a well-bred dog understands that it claims to be someone else's property. If your exclamations are ignored, consider whether you are a “leader.”

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