Why do many people dislike dogs?

Many people, when acquiring a dog, do not think about what responsibility falls on their shoulders. A dog, like any other pet, needs care and care. She needs to be fed, walked, trained and vaccinated, but many forget about this after a while, bringing the puppy to her house or apartment. Having played enough with a living toy, they throw the animal out onto the street, condemning to certain death. A dog accustomed to the owner can no longer do without a person. She has to survive herself. And over time, she runs wild, she distrusts people, she becomes dangerous for them.

Increasingly, there are cases when wild packs of dogs (or a single individual) attack an adult or a child. And of course, those who do not like dogs begin to vote about their extermination. And those who were indifferent before that, go to the opposite side. Naturally, no one will love dogs for throwing themselves at people, spreading diseases, spoiling city lawns, playgrounds or parks. But is it really so? After all, do not forget about why and why this is happening.

Urban residents often complain that dog lovers walk their pets in inappropriate places. In Russia, as you know, there are no special places for walking dogs. And the law that governs the rules of dog walking in our country does not exist. However, the owner of the dog is responsible for the serious harm caused by his pet to another person. But dog lovers, as a rule, keep a good watch on their animals, take him out into the street in a muzzle or on a leash and do not allow his pet to harm anyone. As for the cleanliness of the city, even if all the owners clean up after their animals, the city will not become cleaner. After all, it is not the dogs that clog the streets, but the people themselves. But for many it is easier to blame the dogs and their owners than to monitor themselves and their attitude to the environment. Dogs do not throw bottles, cigarette butts, used syringes and other garbage in the playgrounds. Dogs do not break glass and do not leave garbage bags in the hallways. Do dogs defecate in elevators and in corners of landings? A dog accustomed to the street will never do its “thing” at home or in the porch.

Another reason for dislike for the most devoted animals is barking. The dog barks at night, the dog’s neighbors do not get enough sleep, and more and more often they protest against getting animals in apartments. But the dog will not bark just like that. There are several reasons for a dog’s loud behavior: when it protects its territory, when it remains alone for a long time, or when it is provoked. It is worth listening to the barking of the dog and it is better to check what happened, and not to unfairly blame the owner for not being able to calm his animal. After all, often a dog calls for help with his howl when something happens to its owner. And perhaps unwanted individuals entered the porch with bad intentions, and the dog is trying to attract people's attention in order to warn about this. Do not forget that dogs have a unique instinct and are able to identify a stranger who has entered the territory protected by her.

There is also a reason why many people hate dogs - these are various diseases. People disdain dogs because they consider them carriers of dangerous viruses. Currently, there are only a few dangerous diseases transmitted from dog to person: lichen, rabies, leptospirosis and helminthiases. But you can get infected only by direct contact with a sick animal. As a rule, the responsible owner always gives his dog vaccinations and vaccinations to prevent these diseases. Therefore, the chance of infection from a domestic dog is very small. Much faster, you can catch the disease by contact with stray animals, which most often find themselves on the street due to a person’s fault.

Having considered the main reasons why people are unkind to dogs, we can draw certain conclusions:

  • people are afraid of responsibility for their actions, shifting blame on defenseless animals (in particular, pollution of playgrounds, yards, parks, porches and other places);
  • dog lovers are most often afraid to be bitten or infected;
  • most anti-dog owners forget that the dog, like a person, is able to feel, understand and love. That she is not able to harm a person if she does not protect herself and her master, if she is not provoked and treated cruelly.

Remember that when you purchase a dog, you are responsible for it. And she, in turn, is ready to become a faithful advocate and friend for you and your family. Irresponsibility leads to the appearance of an unfair treatment of dogs.

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