British cats: confident step to the top of fame

Alice will envy me:
Cheshire cat in my hands!
A piece of fairy tale and a smile
Available to her only in dreams.
And I certainly, without error,
British lord - aristocrat
Your magic smile
He will give a present and will be glad.
author unknown
The British Shorthair is a national treasure of England. And the kittens drove crazy not only the old, but also the new world. Felinologists are justifiably proud of their offspring: the mature character of the cats, together with their solid appearance, make this breed one of the most popular in the world. And having touched the amazing British coat only once, you will never forget this sensation: your palm is buried in thick, elastic and warm fur. And looking into the eyes. ... Well, how can you resist the charm of a real Cheshire Cat?

History reference

Widely known and world-famous British are the native breed of England, which was formed naturally for many centuries. The ancestors of the Britons were once ordinary working cats, which were kept as rat-catchers. For a long time, the British deprived the attention of heavy muscular animals - for the inhabitants of Misty Albion, the ancestors of this cat looked quite ordinary.
The world's first cat show was held on June 13, 1871 in London. At this exhibition, among other breeds, the ancestors of modern British were shown. The first pedigree was framed already in 1898. Since then, the breed has been actively developing, standards have changed, new colors have appeared.
Angora cats, Russian blue, Persians and Exotics, European Shorthair and, of course, Scottish Fold took part in the formation of the breed. Mating with the Scots has been banned since 2004, but so far among fans there is such a thing as a “British fold cat”.
A potential shave owner should know that such a breed does not exist. Today, the British only fit with the British! If the breeder claims that this kitten is a lop-eared, you should refuse to buy and contact a more competent breeder.


If the Scots are compared to cubs, then the British are real bears. An adult cat is a strong animal, muscular, with a powerful skeleton. Interestingly, they weigh a little shave: cats are about 7-9 kg, cats are much less - only 4-6 kg. But because of their unusual coat and well-developed muscles, they look really huge.
When viewed from above, the lines form a rectangle: a large head, a powerful short neck, a broad back. Paws and tail are slightly shorter than that of ordinary cats. And no sharp corners - only soft lines, roundness.
The right British coat is a very thick plush. The coat is soft, elastic, does not adhere to the body. There are also long-haired British cats (Highlander) with elongated skeleton hair on the neck, hind legs and tail.
The eyes of these cats are rather large, round and wide open. Look confident, bold and even a little defiant. The cat is full of dignity and aristocracy. The highlight of shaving is the large cheeks, which are especially pronounced in cats. The ears are small, widely set. The muzzle is short, but not flat, like the Persians.
Harlequin, color point, marble, tortie, smoky - all these colors. There are about 100 variations of patterned and solid colors - the choice is huge! Depending on the color of the fur coat, the eyes of the Briton can be honey, blue or green.


The Briton is a real gentleman, a little stiff, intelligent and restrained. These cats symbolize the English mentality and behave as if all their lives they had been drinking freshly brewed tea from an expensive porcelain cup, sitting in an old armchair near the fireplace. Real lords of the cat world never allow themselves excessive activity and fussiness.
Pets show friendliness towards the family, however, they take caress without losing self-esteem. These cats are suitable for calm people who need a friend, not a toy for carrying on their hands. However, kittens, like all kids, love to play and take part in everything that happens around.
Cats of this breed are treated with equanimity with equanimity. They never show aggression, preferring to leave the careless kid in English. Guests are greeted with interest, but play the role of observers.

Maintenance and care

The British are one of the easiest breeds to care for. The short-haired cat does not need daily combing and frequent washing. Long-haired ladies and gentlemen are combed once a week, and bathed only before the exhibition or as they become dirty (usually every two to three months).
Since these cats do not like the company of strangers too much, they need a secluded place - a house or a sunbed on a hill, from where the pet can calmly observe what is happening around.
Many breeders claim that kittens of this breed adopt the rules of good form almost with their mother’s milk. This does not mean that the upbringing of the baby does not need to be paid attention, but the British are a truly intelligent breed, whose representatives are distinguished by high mental abilities.


Modern cats have maintained the good health of their Aboriginal ancestors, who went through brutal natural selection. Britons do not suffer from genetic diseases, they live long and, perhaps due to their unflappable disposition, remain healthy until old age.

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