Dream Interpretation - a small kitten

What does it mean a dream in which a little kitten had a dream? Do you remember what color the kitten had: white, black, gray, red, striped? What are the interpretations of such dreams in an Islamic dream book? What does the dream book of Miller and Wangi say? We will examine in more detail below.

Interpretation of dream books

Few people know that the first dream books were written 2 thousand years BC in ancient Egypt. The whole history of mankind is fraught with a desire to guess the future and fate, and the methods for this were different. In fact, a dream book is a book that interprets dreams and allows you to know the future, which means to influence it.

Dream Interpretations helped people protect themselves from evil spirits, enemies and all kinds of misfortunes, at least they believed in it ... and many still believe. We do not undertake to judge the veracity of the information provided in such books, since many people confirm the "workability" of dream books from our own experience.

Dream Book Wangi

The Bulgarian forecaster Vanga (Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova) became a guide for many people and foresaw several major events significant for humanity. We note that during her life, Wang was blind, which gave her the strength to "look" beyond ordinary, human life. Around Vanga there was a lot of gossip and guesswork. Many called the seer a swindler and even associated her "work" with the special services of Bulgaria.

What does Wangi's dream book say about dreams with a small kitten? In Bulgarian, cats are called "cats" and, according to Vanga, cats in dreams do not bode well.

In Vanga’s dream book it says that a cat that came in a dream brings to life:

  • Quarrels with loved ones.
  • Sensuality and touchiness on trifles.
  • Selfishness at its worst - either love me all, or I will be offended by you.
  • Love of freedom - when one of the couple abruptly begins to think that he "has not walked up" and that the marriage is too heavy.
  • Breaking up relations with the second half.

A little kitten that scratches and gets angry for no reason tells you that the feeling of jealousy that eats you is baseless. It is interesting that there are no real, significant reasons for the emergence of a sense of equality, but against the background of emotional experiences, a quarrel or even a breakdown in relations can occur.

If the angry kitten starts to run away from you, and you are catching up with it - know that your partner is selfish and you suppress your grudge. A runaway cat in a dream may mean that a "slippery" person who knows how to love only himself is trying to enter your life.

In Vanga's dream book there are interpretations of dreams about kittens of different colors. All colors except black are interpreted similarly to the above. If you dreamed of a black kitten - you have a smart, cunning and treacherous enemy. If the black kitten just came up in a dream, maybe the conflict can be avoided ... if it attacks, the enemy will attack you in the face, perhaps revenge for past grievances.

Miller's Dream Book

Psychologist Gustav Hindman Miller is considered a classic in the art of dream interpretation. During his lifetime, Gustav Miller was a very inquisitive person with a healthy share of material interests. The psychologist wanted not only to serve people, but also to receive a worthy reward for this.

It should be noted that Miller worked out his income, constantly delving into the secrets of the psyche of people. Miller's dream book is considered a more famous and successful creation, in comparison with books of the same class. The key to success was the number of interpretations set forth in the dream book.

Regarding dreams with a kitten, Miller’s dream book interprets the meaning in great detail. Kittens are a warning about minor troubles that have been accumulating for a long time. Such a dream suggests that damage from troubles will be done in the emotional sphere ... from the series "spoons were found, but the sediment remained."

It is interesting! If you dreamed of a kitten that was attacked by a snake, this speaks of the machinations of enemies that would harm themselves more than you.

Islamic dream book

A Muslim or Islamic dream book is a book that has collected the sayings of Allah, warning and protecting their slaves. In Muslim culture, it is believed that a person speaks with Allah only when he reads the dua. When a person reads the Qur'an or sees dreams, Allah talks with him.

The interpretation of dreams with kittens in the Islamic dream book is very different. A calm kitten, which is present in a dream, as a background, symbolizes wisdom. It is believed that after such a dream, you will gain new experience, draw conclusions, become smarter. A bold, contactable kitten is a symbol of home safety.

Who dreamed of a little kitten?

Cats and especially kittens are one of the most difficult symbols for interpreting dreams. From ancient times, the "bundle" of women and cats aroused suspicion among people, especially among believers and religious peoples. There was no specific relationship with children and cats, but a man is a danger to the caudate, which means that he does not come to sleep with good intentions.

It is interesting! In almost all dream books, a cat portends trouble or an acquaintance with someone who miraculously escaped trouble.

Kitten dreamed about a woman

Kittens dream about a woman as a warning. If in a dream there was no emotional attachment to the color and condition of the animal, the kitten warns of loneliness and depression. Most likely, a woman is offended by her lover or suffers from unrequited love, and this leads to quarrels and painful clarifications of relations.

Note! A kitten who runs away from you in a dream warns of minor troubles that should not be left to chance, otherwise they will result in large, material losses.

Kitten dreamed of a man

Islamic dream interpretation interprets a dream with a kitten for a man as a sign of a cooled relationship on the part of his wife. If the kitten seems cunning, does not give in to hands, is teased - it symbolizes the disobedience of children. Perhaps the grown children are hiding from you the troubles that they have fallen into, oppose your will, do not fulfill promises or achieve their goals dishonestly.

It is interesting! A small kitten, who is fond of a man in a dream, warns of scammers who try to deceive him.

Under what circumstances did a kitten dream?

A small kitten who has fallen asleep or is present in it against the background suggests that a good time has come to defend his opinion. Perhaps right now, luck is on your side, and you will be able to resolve long-overdue conflicts. However, beware of meaningless quarrels, try to engage in dialogue and argue your opinion.

Remember! The kitten promises quarrels in the family, usually groundless, flaring up against the background of long accumulated grievances.

Little and sick kitten

A sick, skinny kitten-goner is interpreted by Miller's dream book as a warning that you believed the human shell without considering its true motives.

A sick animal warns you that you will suffer from the unclean intentions of people from your environment if you are not careful. A dream warns of the duplicity of people who have recently appeared in your life or of acquaintances with whom you recently resumed communication.

Note! A dead kitten is a symbol of balance and caution in making decisions.

Kitten presented in a dream

Did you get a kitten in a dream? This is a very disturbing sign. Beware of strangers who are trying to invade your life. If a woman had a dream, one should be wary of a competitor in a romantic or professional sphere. The fact of the gift suggests that they will be able to harm you, so it is important to adequately accept the blow.

Tip: Having received a kitten in a dream, be vigilant and careful in business. Try not to promise anything to anyone, because your indiscretion can turn out to be expensive both materially and emotionally.

The kitten was sitting on your hands, and you started stroking it

If in a dream you were holding and stroking a ginger kitten - be prepared for unexpected twists of fate. Soon you will learn something that will knock the soil out from under your feet.

If the kitten you were holding was white or light, you are warned about cheating. If you recently met a nice person of the opposite sex, you should make sure of his “monogamous moods”.

A black kitten sitting on your hands warns you of the dangers of conducting financial affairs with close friends. You will either lose a friend or a business.

Sulfur kitten, on the contrary, promises stability and even routine. If a gray kitten sat in your arms and purred, then everything will be fine at work.

Little kitten shit

  • If a kitten crap in a dream before your eyes - this is a big and unexpected profit.
  • If you just stumbled upon the feces of a kitten, you may receive an unexpected gift or bonus.
  • If you have entered a feline pile ... you will find money that is better to return to the previous owner.

It is interesting! Interpretation of dreams with kittens is very versatile, but everything regarding the "toilet issues" - promises money that is not always honestly received.

You started to feed the kitten

In a dream, you should not feed the kitten ... but who will bother you? The game of consciousness is not subject to the will of man. So, if you tried to feed the kitten, but he refused the treats - that's good, problems will pass you by. If the baby ate a treat, you fed him your money and achievements ... but this is not always bad. Perhaps you will exchange your achievement for its material result or unexpectedly spend money on what you have long dreamed of.

It is interesting! Caught in a dream mice and gave a kitten? A new person will appear in your life to whom you will become a mentor.

Dreamed of a kitten that is scratched

Aggressive cats always warn a person about gossip that has already found life. Perhaps you have not yet been initiated into the secrets of others, but be sure that you are being discussed. More often than not, a kitten that is scratched warns of duplicitous friends who like to discuss you in your absence.

It is interesting! If in a dream a kitten scratches and bites, you need to be careful about cheating colleagues and carefully monitor your health - this is what the Islamic dream book says.

What color did the kitten dream?

Almost all dream books decode dreams about cats, with reference to their color and behavior. Oddly enough, the usual symbolism does not work in dreams: a black cat is bad, a white cat is good, a red one is good luck. In dreams, everything is a little different, deeper and more interesting. Whatever one may say, kittens of all colors act as symbols and warnings whether to listen to them is a personal matter.

It is interesting! Complex, long dreams in which kittens are present are recommended to be interpreted in several dream books at once.

Black kitten

A black kitten is a symbol of gossip, intrigue and dishonest games of competitors. The four-legged encourages you to be careful, because the blow will be unexpected. A particular problem is that the black kitten symbolizes betrayal by loved ones whom you are used to trust.

A black kitten running after you warns that very soon you will have to answer for your actions. After such a dream, you should refrain from the role of matchmaker, because the couple will break up, and you will remain guilty. Quarrels with the other half will turn into the fact that you will be the defendant for all problems - a black kitten warns about this, who carefully examines you in a dream.

White fluffy kitten

White kitten is a reflection of events that occur in reality. The four-legged symbolizes loneliness, confusion, a sense of hopelessness. A dream can warn you of an attempt to cheat financially. If the kitten behaved decisively, but avoided hands - this is a symbol of victory over competitors and an incentive to solve problems left “for later”.

Miller's dream book says that a charming, cute, white and fluffy kitten who dreamed of a woman or girl is a warning of danger. A dream warns of an imminent attempt to deceive, smart and veiled.

You will think that you are acting for your own good, but all your efforts will work for someone else. The white kitten encourages the girl to be more attentive and prudent in order to ward off troubles, quarrels and financial problems.

Gray kitten

A gray kitten is a sign of balance in business and soul. The four-legged one, who came in a dream, tells you that the time has come to relax, since no troubles and intrigues of enemies are expected. Gray color is a cross between white and black, therefore, in some dream books, a kitten of this color, who came in a dream, is treated as a warning about financial difficulties.

It is interesting! The gray kitten in a dream, which obsessively meows and asks for arms, symbolizes an unexpected source of replenishment of the family budget. If the kitten runs away, be careful with spontaneous spending decisions.

Red kitten

The red kitten that came in a dream is a symbol of strength, determination and perseverance. The four-legged warns you that it is time to gather the will into a fist and meet with problems face to face. The red kitten serves as an incentive that brings good luck.

It is interesting! If a red kitten appeared in a dream unexpectedly, soon you will be presented with a gift, possibly colleagues.

Tabby kitten

A striped kitten promises good luck and profit, if efforts are made on your part. For business people, the four-legged tells us that it's time to give 100% and get a decent reward. The striped kitten, which behaved aggressively, warns of unfair play by competitors ... however, they will lose, because the four-legged one serves not only as a warning, but also as a symbol-amulet.

A gray kitten, keeping away, but meowing to you, shows that you are wasting your energy. It may be worth revising your priorities and paying more attention to large, far-reaching goals. If the kitten was in a dream with you and ran away - continue to do what you are doing, very soon your work will be rewarded.