Dry shampoo for cats

Love for a pet includes caring for it. The main and basic is keeping your favorite pet clean. Not all cats happily take a shower and allow their owner to tidy them up. Bathing is becoming a very difficult task, but there is an alternative to classic water procedures - dry shampoo for cats, which copes with pollution well.

Do I need to wash a cat

Sure! The main thing is not to overdo it so that the coat does not become brittle. Longhair breeds are especially in need of cleaning, such as Persians. In addition to normal hygiene, it is necessary to prevent the appearance of tangles. It is not at all necessary to buy expensive professional equipment; on the market there are enough budget and high-quality products. Remember that bathing is very stressful; carry out a cleaning procedure with caution once every two months.

Dry shampoos for animals are very real and accessible to everyone, but it is possible to make the product at home as well. It allows you to quickly and painlessly wash the fur of any cat, which does not tolerate water, for the owner.

This type of cosmetics has several advantages:

  • very easy to use at home;
  • does not require any additional tricks;
  • great for long-haired and short-haired breeds;
  • use during colds or after vaccinations;
  • enhances the beauty and luster of the coat.

Today, dry detergents can be purchased at pet stores or veterinary pharmacies in the form of foams, sprays, and a large assortment of mousses is also offered. These hygiene products perfectly eliminate the unwanted odor, help get rid of tangles. Combing wool after washing becomes a pleasure. Such shampoos take care of the skin, preventing it from drying out.

It is recommended to use products from different manufacturers and formulations in order to choose the best option. The frequency of bathing and washing depends on the degree of contamination, but according to the instructions provided. Each manufacturer uses its own best practices, so do not neglect to read the rules of use.

Types of Dry Cleaning

  • Ordinary shampoos.It is produced in the form of a powder or a tube with a spray, it can be odorless, but there are also odorless options. Designed for dry cleaning of the animal.
  • Hue shampoos.This line is aimed at cats and cats with color. Gives a rich shade and brilliance. This is very important at exhibitions, where the owners strive to present the pet in all its glory.
  • Therapeutic shampoos.A special line for wool care with cosmetic and medicinal properties strengthens the structure, improves growth, eliminates dryness and irritation, and generally heals. After washing, the coat will be soft, silky and shiny. It is used as a remedy.
  • Fight against parasites.Includes substances that destroy ticks, fleas and lice, as well as other types of parasites. The action will not take long, the effect will be noticeable after the first application. Act better than wet products.


Each tool has its own instructions, which must be read before use, but there are a number of general tips and recommendations:

  • for convenience, it is recommended to clean in the open air or in the bathroom;
  • wear regular medical gloves before use;
  • remove the leash or any other accessories from the animal;
  • apply on dry coat;
  • apply anti-hair growth, rubbing thoroughly;
  • avoid contact with the eyes of both the owner and the pet;
  • After a while, comb through a brush, thereby getting rid of excess hair and traces of cleaning powder.

It is worth paying attention to products created specifically to improve the appearance of the pet, i.e. before exhibitions or competitions.

Do it yourself

To prepare natural dry shampoo for cats, you need to mix corn starch and soda (1: 1) and mix the resulting powder with lavender or tea tree essential oil. One drop of oil for every 40 mg of the mixture.

It is advisable to sift the prepared mixture through a container with holes, then apply to the cat and begin to rub against the coat. After 10-15 minutes, remove the residue with a bath towel. Judging by the reviews, homemade shampoo copes with the problem no worse than professional.


Various companies produce a wide range of cleaning products, but the main active ingredients remain unchanged:

  • specially prepared corn starch;
  • white clay or kaolin cosmetic class;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • aromatic compositions that simplify and make the washing process more enjoyable.

Before buying and using any product, be sure to read the list of components. It’s important not to harm your beloved pet!

Contraindications and side effects

There are no contraindications to the use of dry shampoo, but there are side effects:

  • may leave marks on dark furniture and carpets;
  • some contaminants require water procedures;
  • cats like to lick, especially after "washing". It is important to be sure that the animal is not allergic to the ingredients in the composition.


The price of dry shampoo for cats varies depending on the manufacturer and composition: from one hundred to several thousand rubles for 20-450 ml.

Cosmetics should be selected taking into account wool, skin type and individual characteristics. It is best to consult a veterinarian.

You can see the current price of dry shampoos and buy them right here:

Owner reviews

Valeria, mistress of a 3-year-old cat:

“My cat loves to walk outside the house, so he constantly gets dirty and gets wet. It is impossible to wash it, it scratches everything and everything. A friend advised dry shampoo. This is salvation! True, the procedure takes about an hour (the cat is hyperactive), and I get dirty, but it's better than nothing. The coat is not electrified, smooth and fluffy, the smell is pleasant. "

Artem, owner of a Persian cat:

“A comfortable thing with a pleasant smell. I put dry shampoo as a powder, rub it into the hair and comb it out. And my Musya enjoys the process, loves when it is scratched. It is within reason and lasts for a long time. It looks like I washed it in the bathroom. The coat is silky. Whoever has a problem with washing a pet is a great way out. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Konstantin, veterinarian:

“Dry shampoo is a real find for those cases when the cat is panicky afraid of water. I don’t know at all tetrapods who like to wash themselves. In my practice there was only one funny occasion. The owner brought a blue cat, sprinkled with white powder. The child decided to clean his friend before the exhibition, using mom's shampoo. After a couple of months, the wool returned to its original form. "

Dmitry Ivanovich, a veterinarian with 10 years of experience:

“My patient was sick, and he could not be bathed with liquid shampoo. And just the time of operation came up - castration. The owner recommended dry shampoo with purcellin. It degreases the tail very well, cleans well and does not remain on the coat. The operation was successful, the cat returned to his favorite water procedures. "

How to redeem a cat without water using dry shampoo: video

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