Rolf Club 3D for dogs

Rolf Club 3D (the original name is Rolf Club 3D) - an agent against external parasites that is used for dogs of different breeds. German scientists from Veterinary Bio UG worked on the development of the drug formula. The medicine is popular among pet owners and veterinarians, as it is available in several forms.

General description

Rolf 3D is available as:

  • drops for external application;
  • spray;
  • collars.

The active substances are the same, but each dosage form has its own characteristics. Due to the variety, dog owners can choose an easy-to-use remedy for ticks and other external parasites.

Spot-on drops

The solution intended for external use externally has the appearance of an oily liquid. It is characterized by a light yellow color and a specific smell. Rolf Club drops from ticks are convenient for dogs, as they are packaged in disposable polymer pipettes. One pipette can contain 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 4 ml.

When buying, you only need to choose a dropper with a suitable volume for the animal. Typically, the cardboard packaging indicates what weight one pipette is designed for, so picking up a product is easy.


Like drops, spray is used for external processing. Medicinal fluid is packaged in polymer bottles of various capacities - 100, 200 and 500 ml. Usually on sale there are a small volume of the bottle. Each polymer packaging is supplied with a spray, so the drug is convenient to use.


The German manufacturer produces Rolf Club collars of different lengths - 40, 65 and 75 cm for puppies and large dogs.

Outwardly, it is a gray polymer tape, impregnated with active components that protect against insects. Each collar is individually hermetically sealed, and then placed in a cardboard box. There is a latch on the tape.


The price of Rolf Club 3D differs in different pharmacies and regions, but the cost mostly depends on the form of release:

  • drops - from 200 to 400 rubles. depending on the volume;
  • spray - 400-550 rubles;
  • collar (40-75 cm) - 210-420 rubles.

Problems with the purchase of antiparasitic drugs will not arise. Since the drug is popular, it is sold in almost all conventional and online veterinary pharmacies.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

Composition and properties

All forms of drug release are highly effective. This is due to the fact that in its composition is a combination of three active substances. Rolf Club acts on ectoparasites of various species and protects the animal from blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, etc.), which are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases, including pyroplasmosis. The main feature of the drug in the so-called knockdown effect. Its effect is only 2-3 minutes. Due to this, ticks do not have time to stick to the animal.

The active components that make up complement each other's action:

  • Fipronil. It is used in many tools to combat ticks and other external parasites. Its action is directed to the arthropod nervous system. Due to malfunctioning of receptors and malfunctions in the transmission of nerve impulses, paralysis occurs, which becomes the cause of death.
  • Pyriproxyphene. The presence of this substance in the composition allows you to get rid of ectoparasites in just one treatment. This is achieved due to the fact that pyriproxyphene affects insect larvae. Under its action, their further development and transition to the stage of sexually mature individuals is impossible.
  • D-cyphenotrin. Provides a knockdown effect. With contact exposure, it almost instantly blocks the transmission of nerve impulses. The mechanism of action is directed to the nervous system. Like fipronil, it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, which inevitably leads to paralysis and death of insects.

The medicine retains its effect for a long time, since its components are not absorbed into the bloodstream, but accumulate in the hair, hair follicles and the upper layer of the epidermis. Even with prolonged use, Rolf Club 3D is not addictive in dogs.

When and how to apply

Drops, spray and collars of Rolf are used for dogs in case of defeat by ixodid and scabies ticks, fleas, whipworms, lice and other parasitic insects. Also, all forms can be used to prevent damage to ectoparasites and to protect against bloodsucking insects.

Features of use depend on the dosage form of the medication. If you are using a spray, you must do the following:

  1. Shake the medicine vial.
  2. Spray the drug over the entire body of the pet. Keep the bottle upright, with the sprayer at a distance of 20-25 cm.
  3. Spray should be applied against the coat. Long coat should be lifted by hand. Only in this way will the solution penetrate the epidermis, and not accumulate in the upper part of the coat.

Note! After treating the dog, put on a muzzle or tape the mouth so that it cannot lick itself. When the solution has dried, the protective equipment can be removed. Processing can be repeated once a month, but not more often.

If a collar is used to protect against ticks and fleas, you need to choose a tape of a suitable length. Fasten the collar around your neck and cut off any excess tape. Make sure that between the neck of the pet and the collar there is a distance of 1-1.5 cm. With constant wear, the collar is able to provide protection against ectoparasites up to 6 months. If the animal’s coat is dirty, you can pre-buy it, and then put the polymer tape on your neck. For the duration of water procedures, the collar must be removed.

Features of the use of drops

According to the instructions for use, drops of Rolf Club 3D should be applied to dogs on the withers. The upper part of the pipette must be carefully cut with scissors. Then spread the hair at the base of the head and drip the solution. Apply the drug only on dry skin, on which there are no wounds, scratches and bruises.

The dosage of the drug is calculated depending on the weight:

  • up to 4 kg - 0.5 ml;
  • from 4 to 10 kg - 1 ml;
  • from 10 to 20 kg - 1.5 ml;
  • from 20 to 40 kg - 2.5 ml;
  • from 40 to 60 kg - 4 ml.

Note! Re-use the medicine only after a month.

If mites are found in the animal, then drops are used as follows:

  1. With otodectosis (ear tick), the drug is instilled 1-3 drops in each ear, but first the ear canals should be cleaned of the crusts formed. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times. Repeated instillation is carried out after 5-7 days.
  2. If an ixodid tick has sucked onto a pet, then 1 drop of Rolf should be dripped onto it and wait 20 minutes. If during this time the parasite does not fall off by itself, pull it out gently with tweezers.
  3. If you are infected with sarcoptic ticks, drop the medicine on problem areas, and then with your fingers (be sure to use gloves), spread the solution over the entire surface, capturing a small area of ​​healthy skin around the edges. For a complete cure, up to 4 procedures are required. The interval between treatments should be 5-7 days.

Note! You can not combine the use of Rolf with other insecticidal drugs, since it increases the risk of overdose.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug is not used in the following cases:

  • for puppies younger than 12 weeks of age;
  • for nursing females;
  • for bitches that bear offspring;
  • if the animal suffered a serious illness and did not grow stronger after the illness;
  • with exhaustion;
  • if a pet is found to have an infectious disease.

Also, medication is contraindicated in case of intolerance to the components. If the animal has an increased sensitivity or the dose is not calculated correctly, the following symptoms may occur:

  • redness of the skin;
  • itching
  • increased production of saliva;
  • tearing;
  • anxiety and others

If these symptoms occur, the dog should be well bathed with shampoo. If necessary, the pet is given an antihistamine (antiallergenic) agent - Diazolin, Suprastin, Tavelgin, etc.

Owner reviews

Anastasia, mistress of the Pomeranian spitz:

"We used Rolf drops for 3 years. Everything was always good, but the dog suffered badly from the last treatment. Itching began. It scratched the furniture and door jambs almost all night until they gave an antiallergenic drug. I think the last time we’ve come across a craft. By the way, the number of negative reviews about the medicine has grown significantly lately. I'm amazed, I’ll have to look for an alternative.

Lyudmila, mistress of the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy:

"We bought a Rolf collar for a 4-month-old puppy. After 2 hours, vomiting began. The experiment was repeated after a while - the reaction is the same. I do not recommend this product to anyone. I think it is very toxic and not safe for pets."

Andrey, breeder of English bulldogs:

“For several years I have been using Rolf drops and spray to protect my dogs from ticks. It’s an excellent remedy. For all the time I haven’t sucked ticks, and in the country where we live, they are full. I use both adult dogs and puppies. Negative reactions "Never watched. Even our bitch, who is highly sensitive, tolerates the drug well."

Veterinarian reviews

Victoria, a veterinarian with 10 years of experience:

"Previously, Rolf Club 3D was the best way to protect against external parasites, but recently customer complaints have become more frequent. Many animals have become ill tolerant of the medicine. Severe itching and even hair loss at the application site are not unique cases. My opinion is that they started on the market sell the craft. A tool that’s popular and not very cheap, and there were those who wanted to make some money from it. "

Alexander, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

"A highly toxic agent. Many animals have allergic reactions even at the recommended doses. I never advise my clients to use this drug. There are safer options at an affordable price on the market."

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