Pampers for dogs of small breeds

Dog pampers are an excellent accessory hygiene accessory. They can be used for dogs of large, medium and small breeds. Differences will be in size, design and materials of manufacture. To successfully buy diapers for dogs of small breeds, you need to follow a few recommendations that will help you choose the hygienic accessory that is most suitable for the pet.

When diapers are needed

Diapers can greatly facilitate the life of a person and a dog if the animal cannot, for whatever reason, go to the toilet on the street or in a specially designated place. Most often they are used for small dogs, because the owners do not often take them outside. This is due to the peculiarities of the breed, since small dogs will not be very comfortable walking in severe frost or rain. In addition, it can threaten her health.

There are a lot of situations when diapers come in handy for a little four-legged friend. The most common ones are:

  1. The dog still does not know how to go to the toilet in a certain place. Small dogs can relieve themselves on a special bedding or walk on a litter box. This applies not only to puppies, but also to adults, as small breeds do not require frequent walking.
  2. Flight or trip. Pampers in this case will help to comfortably transfer a long stay in a confined space (airplane or train). Moreover, the animal is usually transported in a basket or carrying.
  3. Estrus. The dog cannot control these secretions, therefore it is recommended to use hygiene products to keep the house clean.
  4. Incontinence. It can occur after surgery.
  5. The presence of seams. Pampers will protect wounds and postoperative sutures from excessive irritation.
  6. The old age of the animal. In this case, the pet may also experience incontinence.
  7. Camping visit. If the pet will be in the room for a long time, the more so, it is not very familiar to him, the diaper will come in handy.

Although diapers are safe and hygienic, their use should not be abused. The animal must learn to control its urge and get used to the toilet. Prolonged wearing of even the most expensive and high-quality diapers can cause skin irritation and diaper rash.

How to choose a diaper

Pampers for dogs of small breeds with a wide range of products are presented on the zoo production market. They can easily be bought at the hypermarket, pet store or ordered online. They will differ in size, color, materials and design. Diapers can be velcro, with elastic bands, ruffle barriers, etc. All kinds of colors and patterns. Of materials that are hypoallergenic, I allow air to pass through and retain an unpleasant odor.

To choose a diaper for a small dog, several recommendations should be used:

  • Decide on the size. Manufacturers can use gradation by breed, weight or waist. Therefore, before buying a hygiene product, it is advisable to measure the pet. Usually sizes are indicated by letters from XS to XXL, where XS is the smallest size. It is suitable for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Spitz, etc. For breeds a little larger (for example, Japanese chin, etc.) corresponds to size S. Size M will fit Pekingese or a dwarf poodle.
  • Buy for trial. Visually, diapers may not differ much. However, the products of one or another company may not be suitable for the dog. Therefore, you can buy several diapers from different manufacturers individually and choose the most suitable in size and quality.
  • Give preference to soft hypoallergenic materials. Small breeds usually have sensitive skin, which is prone to frequent irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the diaper and make sure that it does not have tight seams, and it is not made of coarse tissue that can damage the skin of the animal.

Popular diapers

Pampers for dogs of small breeds are produced by many manufacturers of pet products. The price of products may vary in hundreds of rubles, depending on the manufacturer.

The following hygiene products are the most popular among breeders:


Domestic diapers from hydrophilic non-woven fabric. They include fluff pulp, a superabsorbent polymer. Outside, the product is covered with a special plastic film that allows air to pass through, but not moisture.

Pampers can be used for cats and dogs. The size for small breeds is marked XS (weight 2-4 kg, waist 15-25 cm) or S (weight 3-6 kg, waist 25-35 cm). The number of pieces in the package decreases depending on the size: XS - 11 pcs., S - 10 pcs. Etc.

Cliny performs its main function well: they do not get wet, do not let the smell pass, and they keep the secretions well (including excrement). They do not stretch, sit securely, do not slip, there is a hole for the tail. To prevent the diaper from pulling together, it is recommended to wear jumpsuit or body on top.

Average price: 385 rubles.


Trixie hygiene diapers made in Germany are made of high quality hypoallergenic materials. They sufficiently provide the pet with the necessary hygiene. Trixie have good absorbent properties, qualitatively retain odor.

The diapers are fastened with wide adhesive tapes. A reliable fit to the body is realized due to the soft elastic belt, which holds tightly at the waist, does not stretch and does not slip. In this case, the tail region remains open, which does not impede its free movement.

For small breeds, the XS-S size is suitable. It is designed for animals with a waist of 20-28 cm. The package contains 12 diapers.

Average price: 570 rubles.


Country of origin - China. Diapers are made of soft materials that will not cause discomfort to the animal. The product is attached using a reliable non-rigid Velcro that does not squeeze the belly of the pet. On the sides there is a quilling gum, which prevents excess moisture from flowing out.

Pampers absorb liquid well without letting it out. The absorbing layer is of medium size, which allows you to adequately perform its main function, while not interfering with walking. The diaper does not constrain movement, so the pet will feel comfortable. There is a hole for the tail.

Yorks, Spitz and Toy Terriers will fit XS. It assumes an animal’s waist size of 20-28 cm, and a weight of 2-4 kg.

Average price: 650 rubles per pack of 22 pcs.

LUXSAN Premium

Another type of hygiene products of domestic production. The product is made of fluff pulp, which consists of an absorbent lower layer, and a non-woven fabric lining the outer layer. The flow of moisture is prevented by an elastic thread and a soft barrier on the sides. This design also provides additional fixation to the body.

The elastic belt is fastened with reusable Velcro. He holds the diaper securely and keeps it from sliding.

LUXSAN Premium retain moisture, prevent unpleasant odor from spreading. Do not give the animal discomfort, do not constrain movement. There is a special hole for the tail.

Small dogs 2-4 kg size XS is suitable.

Average price: 600 rubles per pack of 18 pcs.

You can see the current price of diapers for dogs and buy them right here:

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