Nexguard spectrum for dogs

Those who are looking for a drug to combat blood-sucking parasites and helminths should pay attention to the Nexguard Spectra for dogs. Reviews on the Internet are not too common, since the drug appeared on the Russian market only at the end of 2016. Responsible pet owners treat the novelties with great care. But the animal’s body can develop resistance to old drugs, especially if the same tool has been used for many years. If habitual preparations cease to function, then the animal is in mortal danger. Nexguard Spectra can be an excellent alternative in the fight against helminths, fleas and ticks.

Release form and mechanism of action

Nexgard Spectra is an antiparasitic chewable tablet from the French manufacturer Merial. The drug was tested by the Rosselkhoznadzor, and also recognized as effective in the treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases.

The tablets work due to the active ingredients: afoxolaner and oxime milbecin. Afoxolaner is a substance that kills fleas and ticks by affecting the nervous system of parasites.

The ingredient begins to work within a day after ingestion. The manufacturer promises that the tool will kill 100% of fleas precisely thanks to afoxolaner. But milbecin oxime is an anthelmintic component with a wide spectrum of action.

The ingredient opens up glutamate-sensitive chloride channels in the body of roundworms, nematodes and dirofilaria. Ultimately, all nerve impulses are blocked, which leads to the death of parasites. Afoxolaner and milbecin oxime work in synergy, which provides truly complete disposal of all the main types of both external and internal parasites.

Unlike drops at the withers, the tablet form allows the animal to be treated not externally, but from the inside. Active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream, which provides a comprehensive fight against parasites. Clinical studies and real experience in the use of the product by veterinarians prove that Nexguard is effective in preventing Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis. Thus, the drug can be used year-round, or right before a trip to areas with a negative epidemiological situation.


You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

The price of Nexguard Spectra for dogs depends on the concentration of active substances. Since the drug is new and is an improved Nexgard formula (added milbecin oxime), the cost is quite high. The package indicates not only the concentration of active ingredients, but also the weight of the animal.

Dog Weight Range / Name


Nexgard Spectrum

2-4 kg.

400-430 p.

450-500 p.

4-10 kg.

480-500 p.

500-520 p.

10-25 kg.

530-550 p.

560-580 p.

25-50 kg.

580-600 p.

600-650 p.

50-60 kg.


660-700 p.

* The price is for one tablet, however, in the original packaging 3 tablets are sold in one cardboard box.

Instructions for use

Nexgard is allowed to be used for treating puppies older than 8 weeks old and weighing at least 2 kilograms. Due to the ability of Afoxolaner to kill fleas and helminths at all stages of their life cycle, the drug can be used for prevention. Experts say that it is effective in combating ticks.

Since chewable tablets have the taste and smell of natural beef, dogs usually eat them completely without any problems. But if for any reason the animal refuses medication, then you need to follow simple instructions.

  1. Tear off the foil blister and squeeze the tablet.
  2. Grab the head of the dog between the knees.
  3. Quickly and confidently press on the jaw junction.
  4. Put the pill in the mouth (preferably on the root of the tongue).
  5. Give the animal enough water.

If necessary, in the season of higher parasite activity, the procedure can be repeated monthly.


The drug is not a champion in the rate of elimination of parasites. In order for the remedy to begin to work, it will take at least 24 hours, and the itching caused by bloodsucking will pass only after 2-3 days. The manufacturer justifies a rather long wait for the effect with a minimal amount of aggressive components in the composition. The undeniable advantage of Nexgard is that it can be combined with other drugs, for example, with medicines for worms in the heart.

Other advantages of Nexgard in comparison with analogues:

  • protects the animal not only from fleas, but also ticks, various types of worms;
  • has a meaty taste and aroma, which facilitates the work with the dog;
  • prolonged action: prevents the appearance of fleas and ticks for a month;
  • can be used to treat flea dermatitis;
  • the treated dog can be easily contacted.

Despite the fact that Nexgard can be used in combination with other medications, it is better to give the drug under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Allergies and side effects

Since Nexguard for dogs is a relatively new drug, responsible owners are trying to find out how safe it is. The instruction indicates that side effects are extremely rare in the form of:

  • vomiting
  • short-term amplification of itching;
  • diarrhea;
  • increased salivation.

The risk of developing allergic reactions is significantly increased in dogs of the breed Collie, Bobtail, Sheltie. Moreover, the symptoms of allergies can vary significantly, as the composition contains 2 active ingredients. An animal may have an individual intolerance to only one component, or a negative reaction to the entire drug may occur. It is very important to monitor the behavior of the dog for two days after administration, in order to contact the veterinarian in time.

The most common symptoms of overdose and allergies are:

  • the appearance of erythema, itching and scaly areas on the skin of the animal;
  • loss of appetite;
  • gastrointestinal upset in the form of vomiting and diarrhea;
  • constant lethargy.

The tool can not be given in cases where:

  • An allergic reaction to drugs with afoxilaner was previously observed.
  • The animal suffers from skin problems (open wounds, suppuration, lichen), since Nexguard provokes an increase in itching.
  • There are problems with the immune system.

But if the animal still developed an allergic reaction, it is necessary to take prompt measures to eliminate unpleasant symptoms: treat it with any external remedy for itching (hydrocortisone ointment, fluorocort) and give an antihistamine.

Reviews of veterinarians and animal owners

Anna, owner of the dachshund:

“I used to always process my dachshund with special drops. However, after I had a baby, I thought about changing the form of the drug. A grown up baby can easily stroke the dog immediately after treatment, and then put his hands with the rest of the product in his mouth. I decided to buy a Neksgard Spectra. The tablet smelled nice, so my favorite ate it without any problems. However, after a day, the dog began to itch wildly. I had to urgently go to the veterinary clinic. The doctor said that such an itch is normal and indicates that the drug is acting (but additionally prescribed zinc ointment anyway). The itch and fleas of the dachshund disappeared after another day, but I will not venture to give Nexgard a second time. ”

Olga Davydenko, veterinarian:

“I am still afraid to recommend Nexguard to my clients. The drug is new and little studied. There are many proven tablets on the market with similar complex effects. It is also alarming that many dogs that have been given Nexguard Spectra by their owners without prior consultation develop severe itching. In general, so far these pills are not the first choice drug. "

Valentina, owner of the dweller terrier:

“I live in the taiga strip and every summer season I choose dozens of ticks from the dog’s coat. Collars, sprays and drops did not give a noticeable effect. In a veterinary pharmacy, they suggested trying Nexgard Spectra tablets. It was scary to take a new drug, but still decided to give the dog one tablet per sample. The result was surprised: for a month in the dog’s coat there are no fleas and ticks! I will buy the drug again. ”

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