Cat Pushin: pictures

Photo cat Pushin does not leave anyone indifferent. Who is this cartoon cat and why does everyone like it so much?

Hand drawn cat story

Did you know that Pushin is a pussy? Yes, it’s a kitty, not an imposing cat! The author of the original drawings is the English artist Claire Belton. The first sketch turned out to be spontaneous: Claire took and simply painted a comic image of her cat. The result was a cute puff with short legs and small sharp ears. That is how Pusheen appeared before everyone in 2010. With the first drawing, the first comics for children appeared. The children watched Pushin's life with interest, living his life with a cat in pictures.

In her drawings, the author expressed all her love for the pet. It is known that the real Pushin had a difficult childhood: she was taken to the house from the shelter. She got the name from the consonant name "puisin", which means "kitten". In appearance it is an ordinary gray tabby cat. According to habits - a real lazy person who loves to sleep and there is everything that gets in her way. It was these qualities that her mistress tried to display in her sketches.

A year later, a blog appeared on the drawn cat and its popularity increased dramatically. But still, worldwide love came to this character in 2013, when Facebook was looking for new emoticon pictures. The company's management has long liked the heroine Claire Belton and the artist was offered to develop new images of Pushin that could revive user messages. This was a real breakthrough. The image of a cute cat was used more than 10 million times a day! After Facebook, stickers from Pusheen began to be used by Telegram. World-famous fame!

In 2014, the first soft toys appeared, based on drawings by Claire Belton. GUND released them. At first it was two plush fatties Pushin, which immediately bought up the cat's fans. In 2015, a whole collection appeared, which included the most popular images of a cat. Thanks to the GUND marketers, it was possible to understand why this fat gray cat is so attractive to people. Studies have shown that in the trend there are always images where there is a painted pet with food. She absorbed the image of an imposing lazy person who loves goodies.

World Pushing Mania decided to use Isaac Morris Ltd. for its own purposes. Every three months, the company sends its subscribers a box in which surprises from the cat are hidden.

Well, how can it be without sweets! Boomf, the famous American marshmallow manufacturer, produces sweets with edible Pusheen pictures. The image of the cat has already appeared on clothes. H&M produces pajamas with the image of a cat Pushin. All rights to the cat belong to the Pushin Corporation, whose leaders are Claire Belton and Andrew Duff.

In kawaii pictures for sketching Pushin’s cat, young children learn to draw, teenagers buy phone cases with this cute hero. There is even a comic book about a cat. By the way, in the Russian version, the cat became the cat Pushin. Adults do not lag behind the younger generation: in the trend are key rings, wallets, bags, lamps, sportier bottles and clothes with the image of a cat.

Virtual life with Pushin

With a cat, they fall in love, love and heal heart wounds.

Congratulate loved ones on holidays. Rest and relax.

Work and be lazy

They are ill, rejoice and angry. Have a good night.

And, of course, sweets are bursting in the company of their beloved pussy.

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