Canagan food for cats

Cat and cat food Canagan has been produced by Symply Pet Foods, a British company since 2012 and, thanks to its high quality, successfully competes with many world brands. It contains exclusively natural components that are used by predatory animals in the natural environment, and belongs to the class of holistic.

There are no grains in the diet, which, due to the characteristics of the animal organism, are poorly broken down, leading to obesity, diabetes mellitus and impaired liver function. The main source of carbohydrates in the feed is sweet potato, known for its beneficial properties. The absence of cereals also completely eliminates the risk of gluten allergy. The content of easily digestible proteins in animal products reaches 75%, and the remaining components are vegetables, berries, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Canagan is ideal for feeding at all stages of the cats life cycle. It contains the necessary amount of nutrients, fully covering the needs of the body at any age. Due to the high level of protein, it can be used for kittens, pregnant cats and during lactation. Granules can be of different sizes - from small to large, which allows you to choose the right food for each pet.

Cat food Canagan: products

Kanagan food is not divided into series by age, as it is suitable for use by animals from two months to old age. The manufacturer offers the following products:

  • Canagan with game. It contains duck, venison and rabbit meat, which are the most digestible sources of protein for cats. The food is supplemented with a variety of berries and vegetables, it has an excellent smell and taste that most pets like. Protein content - 37.5%, fat - 15%, fiber - 3%.
  • Canagan with chicken. It consists of 70% chicken meat, chicken stock and fat, boneless fillet, and fully satisfies the protein needs of cats. The composition also contains a variety of fruits and vegetables (cranberries, carrots, apples, etc.), providing the pet with a full range of vitamins and minerals. Contains 37% protein, 20% fat and 1.5% fiber.
  • Canagan with scotch salmon. 75% consists of fish components, which include boneless fillet and salmon flour, herring meat, salmon oil and broth, white fish flour, trout fillet. Also includes a wide variety of healthy ingredients - seaweed, chamomile, calendula, spinach and others. Contains 37% protein, 20% fat, 1.5% fiber.

Canagan Cat Food Composition

Consider the composition of these products based on Canagan feed with game.

The main meat components in it are:

Boneless fresh duck fillet and flour from the meat of this bird - 44% and 10%, respectively. For cats, duck is an excellent source of protein, which is quickly and easily absorbed. In addition, it contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the brain. It also notes an increased content of vitamins A, K, E and group B. It is worth noting that ducklings have twice as much vitamin A as any other meat, and this component is responsible for good vision and skin.

Venison fillet - 7%. The meat is characterized by a low fat content and a large number of useful substances - potassium, copper, sodium, iron, phosphorus, as well as a number of vitamins, which generally improve brain activity, increase energy levels and promote the proper development of young pets.

Herring flour - 6%. A valuable source of protein, contains a set of useful substances and minerals that promote tissue regeneration and normalize metabolic processes in the body. It contains a sufficient amount of the natural antioxidant selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Rabbit meat flour - 4%. The high protein nutrient in its mineral composition is significantly superior to most other types of meat.

Sweet potato is a sweet potato, which in the feed Kanagan acts as the main source of carbohydrates and, unlike cereals, is perfectly absorbed. It also contains a large amount of fiber that normalizes digestive processes, antioxidants, calcium, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C. The ingredient helps normalize blood sugar levels and is recommended for animals suffering from diabetes.

The remaining components of the composition include:

  • Digestive probes, MOS probiotics,
  • Dehydrated egg
  • Pea protein
  • Salmon oil
  • Vegetables - carrots and spinach,
  • Berries - Cranberries,
  • Fruits - Apples,
  • Phytocomponents - fenugreek, anise, chamomile, mint, calendula.

Advantages and disadvantages of Canagan feed

The benefits of Kanagan dry food include:

  1. High content of natural protein (up to 75%), the source of which is ingredients close to the natural diet of feline predators in the wild.
  2. Lack of cereals and soy, poorly absorbed by the body and causing allergies to gluten.
  3. A large number of vitamins and minerals.
  4. A rich composition including vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs.
  5. Lack of chemical flavors, colorants, flavor enhancers.

The disadvantages of the product include its low prevalence in our country. Food can not be bought at every pet store; in ordinary supermarkets, it is not for sale. The best way to purchase it is to order using the services of online stores.

Also a disadvantage can be attributed to the high cost of the goods, although in fact it is fully consistent with its quality. Canagan cat food prices are:

  • 375 g - from 400 p.,
  • 1.5 kg - from 1330 p.,
  • 4 kg - from 2640 p.

The indicated price is indicative, and may vary depending on the store.

You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Canagan Cat Dry Feed Reviews

Due to the low prevalence of this product in Russia, reviews about Canagan cat food are not so simple. But those that are are expressed exclusively in a positive way. Here's what animal owners write:

My cat - British Shorthair - is very susceptible to feed quality. Originally tried to feed Royal Canin, an allergy appeared. Switched to Eukanuba - the quality of the coat deteriorated, and began to molt more. Have tried Hills - there seemed to be no health problems, but she ate very poorly. On the Internet, I came across a description of the Kanagan feed, we decided to try it. Since they were not found in the nearest stores, they ordered via the Internet. Since then, everything has returned to normal - the cat eats with pleasure, the coat does not fall out, the chair is normal, activity is high. We have been eating for almost half a year and are fully satisfied.

Also, a positive review about the feed Kanagan was left by another owner of a feline:

My cat already falls into the category of elderly, she is 11 years old. They used to be fed normal natural food, but with age they began to notice a deterioration in digestion. In this regard, they decided to switch to dry products. For some time they searched for suitable options, and then friends advised Kanagan, with whom they feed their dog, who is also in old age. We got food with game (duck, venison and rabbit are included in the tasty composition) and, as it turned out, were not mistaken. The cat began to eat with pleasure, she has significantly increased activity, so much so that now she will give odds to young animals. The chair returned to normal, and the coat became more shiny. We are completely satisfied that we found the right food the first time and do not intend to experiment further.

From the following review, you can also understand that the product is great for food-sensitive cats:

Our cat is allergic to chicken, a familiar veterinarian recommended choosing a hypoallergenic feed that does not contain this component. As an option, among others, we were offered Kanagan fodder with salmon, in which this component is completely absent (other species contain chicken, or a small amount of chicken fat, so we did not try them). Before that, they also bought Hills and 1st choise - poorly went to the toilet. Feed We and the cat liked Canagan - it eats appetizingly, there are no more problems with allergies, it feels cheerful. In general, we recommend!

Canagan's cat food veterinarian reviews are also positive. A Moscow specialist with twenty years of experience writes the following about him:

When viewing the composition of this feed, it is immediately evident that it was developed by specialists taking into account the needs of the cat's body. There are absolutely no claims to it. Kanagan products contain a large amount of animal protein and an optimal fat content that will fully satisfy the needs of a growing and adult body. As a source of protein, the best meat options are used - duck, salmon, rabbit, venison. A big plus is the lack of chemical components and grains that cause allergic reactions. Chicken meat, which can cause negative reactions, is also excluded. This food can be recommended for animals with a sensitive digestive system, kittens and elderly cats.

Conclusions about Kanagan dry feed

As can be understood from the above, Kanagan dry food has mainly positive reviews, and is characterized by excellent composition. It can be recommended for animals suffering from food allergies and various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This product is suitable for use by cats during pregnancy and lactation, as well as small kittens who only have to switch from milk to solid food. According to veterinarians, Canagan is suitable for feeding cats of elite breeds - Maine Coons, Sphinxes, British Shorthair and others like that. The food has a pleasant smell and taste, which is attractive to most pets, and they eat it with great pleasure. In addition, for fastidious pets there is the opportunity to choose the optimal granule size.

It should be noted that on each package the norms are indicated in accordance with the weight of the animal, which must be adhered to. It is also worthwhile to beware of fakes and not to purchase food for animals at unnecessarily low prices, bearing in mind that truly high-quality products cannot be cheap.

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