Kittens for sale

How to sell kittens? This question often arises not only with the owners to whom the cat brought the kittens offhand, but also with the producers of purebred kittens. In fact, with an illiterate approach, a wonderful kitten can remain with the owners. But those who approach the sale of the kitten thoroughly can find loving owners and an unremarkable kitten. Selling a kitten is a serious matter and you need to prepare for it deliberately and ahead of time.


The first thing you should pay the most serious attention to is the kitten itself. It is imperative that he be healthy, well-fed and physically developed.

Many people pay the main attention to advertising and advertising is really important, we’ll talk about this a little later, but ...

If the product (i.e. the kitten) does not match the description, any buyer will feel disappointed and deceived, which we naturally would not want. Therefore, we pay attention to his health: we drive worms (both in kittens and in mom), regularly treat ears and eyes and vaccinate on time.

Nutrition - matched to the age of kittens, with the addition of vitamins.

Parenting and vaccinations

The second is the kitten’s good habits, namely the ability to visit the toilet, friendliness, manners. All this is important to instill before the sale. People are lazy by nature and will always choose the offer, which, all other things being equal, differs in a positive way. It means that out of 10 cute babies, they will choose first of all the one who is already accustomed to the tray, and there is nothing surprising here.

It will also be ideal to do all the necessary vaccinations for a kitten. This is very important for a kitten and will always be an equally important advantage for future owners.


The third is that very advertisement. You need to start it not at the time of the sale of kittens (8-10 weeks), but early. Advertising can be various, from the announcements pasted on entrances, to placed on Internet resources. This is who better turns out. But advertising can also be of high quality or not.

Try to be guided by such criteria:

  1. Advertising should be honest and objective. As a rule, too enthusiastic advertising causes more rejection than interest.
  2. Do not give ads without photos. This is a waste of your time. Even if there are a lot of calls, the result is likely to be zero.
  3. When taking photos, choose the cutest and funniest shots. The pitifully shrunken kittens, of course, cause sympathy, but not the desire to buy a mantle.
  4. When composing your ad text, think about who your kitten is suitable for. For example, if you are guided by breeders, it is important to tell in detail about the breed you breed, about your experience and why a kitten is suitable, whether it can make an exhibition career and whether it is suitable for breeding, a kitten class.

If you think that a kitten is able to serve as a decoration for an elite house, then indicate in the announcement of its imposingness (regardless of age), the ancient history of the breed, its gentle nature and distinctive external data.

Well, in the case of focusing on a simple buyer without special requests, it’s nice to make an ad with humor, but with the obligatory mention of the good sides of the character (complaisance, friendliness, playfulness, etc.) and it is necessary! About good habits and the health of the pet (in the two previous cases, this goes without saying).

And the video always works very well. Everyone loves little cute kittens.

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