How to determine the age of a kitten

When buying a kitten with a pedigree, his birth date is exactly known, as well as if he was born in your house. However, there are situations when age must be established. In this case, some go to the veterinarian, because the specialist can determine exactly how many days / months the pet. However, you can set his age yourself.

Physical data

You can understand how long a kitten was born by its size:

Up to 10 days, an animal (even representatives of large breeds, such as Maine Coon) fits on a person’s palm, because its length (excluding tail) is about 12 centimeters. Moreover, the body is disproportionate - the head looks much larger than the body. During the first month of life, the kitten grows up to 15 cm. By the end of the second month, the growth is 16-18 cm, of the third - 18.5-20.5 cm. By this time, the body also stretches, muscles develop, the legs become longer and stronger. By six months, the animal usually reaches 3/4 of the size of an adult. After 9 months, most members of the feline family stop growing, with the exception of large breeds.

Cats grow faster than cats!

Weighing will also help determine the date of birth. A weekly kitten weighs an average of 120 grams, a half-month kitten - from 120 to 170 grams, a three-week-old - up to 260, a monthly - from 350 to 550 (representatives of large breeds) grams. In a month and a half, the weight is up to 760 grams, in two - no more than 1.3 kg, in two and a half - up to 1.5 kg, in three - up to 2.3 kg. After a monthly animal gaining about 0.5 kg.

If the kitten is tiny, then you can examine its belly. If the umbilical cord is found, then the animal no more than 3 days.


By the teeth, you can determine the age of both a very small and an adult. Teeth begin to grow in 2-3 weeks, fangs appear in 3-4. Next come the premolars. If the baby has molars, then he is more than 8 weeks old, and if 4 molars have already grown, then he is at least 7 months old.

An adult cat has 30 molars, including: 12 incisors, 10 premolars, 4 molars and a canine.

By one and a half years, the teeth turn yellow, the incisors begin to wear out, at 5-5.5 years old, the fangs also suffer the same fate. After 10 years, the incisors are falling out, and from 14-15 years old the animal loses its fangs.


Kittens are born blind and, as a rule, remain so for at least 10 days. On average, their eyes open after 2 weeks from the moment of birth. Narrow and asymmetrical eyes indicate that the animal is about 3 weeks old. Noticed that the eyes began to change color? The pet is about 6 weeks old.

All kittens have blue and unclear eyes at first!


Determine the age of cats and ears. From the moment of birth to 5-8 days, the ears are pressed to the head, since the ear canals are closed, but by the end of the third week they will completely straighten out. At 12-16 weeks, the ears lengthen and become permanent.


And of course, one can judge age by behavior. The animal makes the first uncertain steps in 10-14 days and, staggering, it can even move away from mom and siblings by a meter and a half, before that it only crawls on its stomach.

Closer to 3 weeks, the baby confidently stands on its paws. By the end of the fourth week of his life, he is already more actively moving around the room, can jump, the eighth - he perfectly controls his body, plays and moves a lot.

At 2-3 weeks, the kitten reacts to noise and external stimuli.

At 4 months, puberty begins. Under the influence of hormones, some individuals meow loudly and beg for the street. In cats, the first estrus is observed at 4-6 months, cats at this age can mark the territory, and some try to mate. However, remember that early mating leads to serious consequences, so carefully monitor your four-legged pet. This time is considered optimal for castration and sterilization, it is better to do this before the first estrus in cats and a hormonal explosion in cats. By 7 months of life, all feline representatives are considered to be sexually mature.

Now you know how to determine the age of the kitten, but if you still doubt your calculations, consult a specialist.

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