A moment of rest, or interesting facts about cats

Now it is very difficult to surprise us with something, the window is already the third millennium, and technical innovations are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. Day after day we do the same thing, our whole life becomes gray and dull. So let's take a little rest, smile, and somewhere and be surprised with you together.

No, we will not talk about industry news. Animal facts are the topic of today's article. In fact, pets who meet us at home daily or come across on the way to work or school are full of surprises. Of course, to tell about all the interesting facts in one article will not work, but here is interesting and useful information about cats, perhaps, will be just the way.

Interesting facts about cats

First cats

The very first progenitors of cats appeared 50 million years ago. And they were very small, and lived on trees. Maybe that's why current domestic cats like to climb on them? But if we talk about animals that looked like modern purrs, scientists determined that they appeared only 12 million years ago.

Cat Door Inventor

Do you know who came up with a door for cats? Isaac Newton! The physicist, by his discovery, has simplified the life of many. Now the cat can go for a walk and return at any time convenient for her, the owners do not need to worry that the pet will endure.

Sniffing food

Have you noticed how the cat sniffs the food that she just put in a bowl? You probably thought that your mustache is simply picky, chooses which is tastier. But there it was. In fact, this is how cats determine the temperature of food. Nobody wants to get burned. Some touch the foot with care, while others sniff. This is instinct.

Love lie on paper

Many people noticed that it was worth lying on the bed and starting to read a book or newspaper, like a cat, which already fits on the pages. What is the reason for this? Accident or harm of a pet? In fact, this is due to the fact that purrs perceive paper as the most convenient material for lying down. It seems to them soft and warm.


If you do not want the cat to yell, then do not close the doors in the apartment, do not lock the animal in the room. They have claustrophobia, so the space should be open. The same applies to the windows, only secure them so that the cat does not fall out and injure itself. Purrs love fresh air, although who doesn't love him?

An important fact: cats are not allowed to give aspirin (and any drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid). This can lead to death. You need to be careful with paracetamol!


The more people in the family, the more socialized will be the kittens that appeared in this house. It will be much easier for them to move to a new house, they will quickly get used to the new owners.

Feeding several cats

If there are several cats in the house, then each one should have its own separate bowl, it is advisable that they not see each other. Otherwise, food will be in a hurry, choking, digesting food will be bad. And all because purrs are predators that compete not only for territory, but also for food. Even in "greenhouse" conditions, where there is enough food for a pride of lions. If you feed from one bowl, then the fight and fights can not be avoided.

Cats - Leaders

Remember the pride of lions. One male and a bunch of females. In domestic cats, in males, the need for space also remained. They need an area ten times larger than females.

Rough tongue

Have you noticed what a cat's rough tongue is? Sensation as if sandpaper on the skin. Why is that? The thing is that on the tongue of cats there are special papilla hooks, which purrs use as a comb when they lick their fur. For this reason, you rarely see a shaggy cat. These pets always try to monitor their appearance, licking and combing their tongues several times a day. But still the help of the owner will never be superfluous. Fortunately, the sale is full of combs, slicker shoes and other accessories to help care for any animal hair.

One cat can make almost a hundred different sounds!

If you compare with a dog, then it is only a dozen, a little more. Purrs on different keys and frequencies create real melodies. The same purr. Did you know that the minute of such strumming involves almost one and a half thousand oscillatory movements of the vocal cords. In general, there are a dozen theories why cats purr.

Cats see extremely poorly near.

Therefore, it is not necessary to close their face or hand very close to their face, without having discerned what it is in front of the nose, the animal will begin to defend itself, using its weapon - claws and teeth. The optimal distance at which the cat can see the subject is 75 centimeters. But already further than 6 meters, home kitties do not see well

Why is the cat rubs?

Almost everyone thinks that the pet rubs on its legs or other parts of your body because of tenderness and love. And no! This is a tricky move to interrupt someone else's smell on you with its "aroma". Cats have special glands that secrete secrets. Under the tail and between the eyes (at ear level) these glands are located. Therefore, the cat rubs, thereby marking you so that other cats (and dogs) know that you are already someone's "property".

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