March Cat Day

Spring is a time of awakening of nature, a time of flowering, first heat, bird twitter - and cats. The March cat is not just words, it is a description of the cat's soul in turbulent spring days. And in honor of pets, the first to greet the arrival of spring, a new holiday was invented - March Cat Day. About how this day appeared, what it means, what date March Cat's Day is in our article.

What kind of holiday is Cat's Day?

There are many holidays dedicated to the furry and whiskered "our lesser brothers", both official and simple, "folk". Among the latter - March Cat Day.

Officially, "cat's day" - or rather International Cat Day - is celebrated in late summer, August 8th. However, in our country, almost at the same time as the international one, its own holiday of all "mustachio-striped" appeared - March Cat's Day. It is celebrated, as befits the festival of real cats, in March - on the first day of the first spring month.

In 2018, March Cat Day is celebrated on Thursday, March 1.

How the holiday came about

March Cat Day is a pretty young holiday. In 2018, we will celebrate it only for the sixteenth time - this holiday appeared on our calendar of funny and interesting holidays just recently, in 2004. The initiators of the holiday are considered to be the editors of the magazine "Cat and Dog" in cooperation with the Museum of Cats in Moscow.

Holiday traditions

It would seem - an unofficial holiday that exists only in the "folk" international calendar. However, this day with its not too long history has already developed its own customs and traditions. First of all, this is the pampering of pets. Treat your furry friend a special treat, which falls to him not as often as the cat would like. Buy him a new toy, basket, scratching post, or even a whole cat house - your pet will be happy and extremely grateful for such a gift. And how do cats thank? Gentle purring, which is so nice to the ear of every attentive cat owner.

However, the focus on this day is not only and not so much pets, like cats, who have not yet found their family. Volunteers and members of animal protection organizations have long been carrying out all kinds of actions under the slogan "Find Me" on March Cat Day, the purpose of which is to find for everyone A homeless animal has its own cozy and loving home. The best thing you can do on this holiday, according to animal advocates, is to take a homeless kitten from the shelter.

Hermitage Cat Day

There is a place where Cat Day is celebrated on a special scale. This place is the Hermitage. Yes, the country's most famous museum annually celebrates "Cat's Day", where cats and cats living in the museum are honored. More precisely, the cats of the Hermitage that live in its cellars are an integral part of the history of the Palace.

Moreover, cats live there as full-fledged museum workers, whose duty is to destroy rats and mice that spoil museum values. A separate column is even provided for the maintenance of cats in the expense item of the Hermitage, and various events are held for striped toilers in honor of the holiday.

Today, the holiday is called "Hermitage Cat Day", but until 2012 it was officially called March Cat Day. Be that as it may, the staff, visitors to the museum, and the press call it both options.

Despite the fact that in Russia the March Cat Day is strictly celebrated on March 1, the Cat Day in the Hermitage is celebrated on different days. There is no clearly fixed date - it can be March, or even the first days of April. The day is chosen by the leadership of the museum, and then the public and the media are informed about the upcoming holiday.

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