Blitz (dog food)

The abundance of brands of dry pet food in our pet market at the same time pleases and upsets customers. Healthy competition is good, but choosing the right diet among dozens of brands can sometimes be a difficult task. One of them is Blitz dog food, reviews of which say that it is premium food, and the manufacturer emphasizes that these rations belong to the super-premium category. Well, let's try to find out which side is true.

Blitz dog food is produced at 6 different Provimi Petfood Rus factories located in Russia and owned by Provimi Holding, which merged in 2011 with the American company Cargill. All plants have modern equipment that meets the ISO standard.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the Blitz brand is not just a dog food produced in Russia, but a domestic product from A to Z. Each formula was developed by leading Russian experts, taking into account new trends in pet feeding, and the production process is subject to strict control. The price of blitz dog food, which is noticeably lower than most foreign brands in the super-premium segment, bribes many. The manufacturer claims that such a cost is due to low shipping costs, compared with imported brands, and not savings on product quality.

Assortment of feed

The Blitz brand produces dog food in ten different formulas. The entire range is divided into two lines: special and classic.

A special series is intended for pets prone to food allergies, it consists of four positions: for puppies, adult dogs of small breeds and two species for adult dogs of any breed. The difference between these formulations is the replacement of chicken (a common allergen) with lamb, pork and turkey.

It should be noted that dry food for dogs Blitz does not contain wheat and soy. This fact can undoubtedly be attributed to the advantages of feed.

In the classic lineup there are six varieties of diets broken by the age criterion (puppies and adults), plus the size of the pet (miniature and small, medium, large and giant breeds). As well as the Blitz Energy diet, aimed at hunting and working dogs, or for animals during periods of high energy consumption (aviary in winter). All products in this category are based on chicken, and differ only in the percentage of proteins and fats, as well as the size of the granules.

As you can see, the Blitz brand dog food can not please a wide range. There is absolutely no food for elderly animals, in addition, pets simply need a varied diet, which this brand, unfortunately, can not provide.

Feed Analysis

For a detailed study, Blitz dog food was chosen, reviews of which are more common than others, namely Adult Lamb & Rice for all dogs who have reached adulthood with lamb and rice. This diet is designed primarily for animals with manifestations of allergic reactions associated with the use of chicken protein. However, this food is quite suitable for healthy pets, for a variety of daily food menus.

Guaranteed indicators of nutrients (all data are taken on the official website of the manufacturer):

Protein24%Acceptable amount for most dogs
Fat17%Slightly above normal
Cellulose4%Allowed rate
Ash8%Within normal limits

Let us consider in more detail what the producer put into this feed. The first five ingredients are as follows:

  • dehydrated meat of lamb and pork - 30%;
  • corn -% not specified;
  • rice -% not specified;
  • fish and chicken fat -% not specified;
  • dried beet pulp -% not specified.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to assess the exact number of components in the composition - specific numbers are not indicated even in the official source. The rather vague composition can only be regarded as the manufacturer’s reluctance to “reveal all the cards”, which clearly raises suspicions and questions.


The first place is occupied by dehydrated meat of lamb and pork, a good source of animal protein, which is easily digested and has no complaints. However, there is one controversial ingredient here - pork, which the Blitz brand has included in dog food, causes controversial reviews by veterinarians. The opinions of veterinary nutritionists on the question of whether it is possible to give pork to pets are radically opposite. Until there is a single version on this score, we will leave this ingredient with a question mark.

Among other components, Blitz dog food contains hydrolyzed liver and an egg (dehydrated). The liver often plays the role of a natural flavor and a component that improves the taste of the product. A dehydrated egg has high nutritional properties and is a useful ingredient. It should be noted that their mass fraction is insignificant, and the origin of the liver is not known at all.

In this position all sources of animal protein ended. According to our resource, this is not enough, because a complete diet can be called a diet in which there are at least two products (in the top five ingredients) that are sources of animal protein.


The second and third numbers are corn and rice - cereal constituents, which are mainly sources of fast carbohydrates. Corn is generally difficult to call a necessary and important product in the nutrition of dogs.


Fish and chicken oil are indicated here - both components are very beneficial for the animal organism, they are necessary to improve the condition of the skin and coat, and also prevent the development of many diseases.


Dried beet pulp plays the role of fiber, helps the formation of fecal mass and the maintenance of intestinal functions. The composition also indicates a dried apple, it is rich not only in fiber, but also is a source of antioxidants of natural origin. Among the additional components in the composition are declared herbal extracts (rosemary, fennel), yeast, yucca, probiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements. All of them serve to maintain vitality and strengthen the immunity of the four-legged.

Pros and cons of feed

Let's summarize all the pros and cons of Blitz dog food in order.

Advantages of feed

  • There is no wheat;
  • A significant plus of feed is an affordable price.


  • The main disadvantage, in our opinion, is the lack of accurate data on the percentage of components in the composition, which causes distrust of the product and suspicion of a balanced diet;
  • The presence of corn (high glycemic carbohydrate);
  • The high content of cereals;
  • Scanty assortment.

Feed Reviews

Before trying something new, everyone is trying to find out the opinion of a person who knows from experience what to expect from a particular product. Of course, no one wants to experiment on their pet. We have compiled the most relevant reviews of Blitz dog food, both from pet owners and from veterinarians.

Dog Owner Reviews

Therefore, we studied the opinions of different customers, and concluded that not everyone likes dry food for Blitz dogs, reviews of which are very different.

We offer some real-world examples:

Eugene, German Shepherd:

“The dog is already aged, in addition, it also has a sensitive stomach. I had to switch to a new diet, I chose Blitz food for dogs, because I liked the price (the dog is not small, the food goes out a lot). I expected digestion problems, but everything went fine - no negative reactions, the dog eats up, looks healthy and active. "

Pavel, 2 dogs:

“I took a test for large breeds. Both of my tailed ones gave a reaction in the form of current eyes, then I had more problems with my ears, and the amount of feces increased. In the end, we decided that this was categorically not our option. Now we will again then look. "

Reviews of veterinarians

In addition to the version of buyers, in order to complete the picture, you need to know the reviews of veterinarians about Blitz dog food. Unlike dog lovers, we did not see sharply negative statements from doctors about this brand. Having analyzed the available information, we can summarize this result:

  • Products of this brand can be recommended to replace the feed of economy class, Blitz is much better in composition and more complete as a daily diet.
  • After three to four months of feeding the same diet, you must replace it with another one so that the animal receives proteins from different sources (meat, poultry, fish).


You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Blitz lamb & rice for adults of all breeds:

  • 3 kg - 615 p.;
  • 15 kg - 3010 p.;

Blitz turkey & barley turkey for adults of all breeds:

  • 3 kg - 590 p.;
  • 15 kg - 2790 p.

Obviously, the price of Blitz dog food is much lower than that of the vast majority of super-premium products, and even premium rulers, but its composition is not so good as to qualify for super-premium nutrition.

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