American bulldog

An American bulldog or simply an ambul is a breed of dogs with an athletic physique, extraordinary strength, endurance and a difficult character. The ambulance is actively used in various fields, they can be either service dogs or just companions, family advocates.

Origin history

American bulldogs belong to the group of molos, which means their distant ancestors are ancient Greek war dogs. The name "bulldog" is translated as "bull dog" and for good reason, because they were bred in England specifically for fighting with bulls. For the first time, bulldogs are mentioned in chronicles of the 16th century, which describe a large dangerous beast that is superior in strength to an armed person. These dogs have always been distinguished by a strong nervous system and an appropriate type of constitution, but their fearlessness and tenacity were especially appreciated.

In the early 18th century, colonists brought Old English Bulldogs to America, mainly to the southern state of Georgia. Dogs helped the settlers to master in new conditions, guarded housing and property, protected from animals.

There were no attempts to register the breed in the American Kennel Club, since the English Bulldog was already officially recognized in it. In addition, dogs from the south have long been considered quite ordinary and unremarkable. In the 70s of the twentieth century, the breed began to enjoy popularity, several cynologists were engaged in its breeding and formation. They registered litters and kept records, the number of nurseries grew. The American Bulldog was officially recognized in 1999, at the same time the standard was approved.

Appearance and Standards

The American Bulldog is a harmoniously built muscular dog. Dogs are 58-67 cm tall, bitches are slightly lower at 53-64 cm. Dogs weigh 34-52 kg, females 27-38 kg.

The head is voluminous, flat from above. The muzzle is wide square. The nostrils are wide open, the lobe is dark in color. The lips are pigmented, but small light patches are allowed. The lower jaw is pronounced, a dense snack is preferred. Brushes are well developed, muscular. Ears are set high, medium sized, hanging. The neck is strong muscular to the shoulders expands. The chest is deep. The back is broad, moderately short. The tail is strong, medium in length, tapering towards the end, slightly curved. In an excited state it is thrown behind the back, in a relaxed state it is lowered. Paws are strong, proportional to the body. The front ones are moderately wide apart, the rear ones are a little closer, parallel. The gait is free, the movements are well balanced.

The coat is soft and short. The main color in the color is white, it can be a picture of any color, more often:

  • the black;
  • brown;
  • ginger;
  • pale yellow;
  • brindle.

Dogs with a pure white color are less common.

Types of American Bulldog

Initially, the American Bulldog was known as a southern farm dog, grazing herds and hunting wild boars. It was an animal with a square head and a muscular, athletic body. The recognized type of American bulldog was changed by two people: Alan Scott and John D. Johnson. These young people appreciated the quality of the working breed of dogs and took upon themselves the work of its official recognition as a purebred animal.

First they filed a petition at the animal research center - ARF in the USA. This was the first step towards becoming a breed. But at the very beginning of the journey, Scott and Johnson faced the first problem - for the subsequent purebred breeding, they had an insufficient genetic fund. Breeders saw the way out in outcrossing. So, the American bulldog, a type of Scott, was obtained by crossing a dog with an American pit bull terrier. Dogs like Scott still have similarities with pit bulls:

  • compactness;
  • muscularity;
  • athletic build.

There is also a certain tendency towards a long muzzle.

John used a different strategy. Therefore, an American bulldog such as Johnson is a cross between a dog with mastiffs and English bulldogs. Johnson type animals are now very similar to English bulldogs. They are considered too large to carry out any serious work, although there are still certain standards for dogs, and the animal can be brought to work for a certain time. Johnson's American Bulldogs differ from Scott dogs in mobility. Although such fame is largely the merit of breeders holding pets with excess weight.

Years passed, and the breeders began to think about how to return the standard type of American bulldog, the former originally. For this, dogs like Scott and Johnson began to interbreed. Based on the results of the cross, the breeders managed to recreate the classic American bulldog - a functional dog with a standard bulldog appearance.

Now the classic type of American bulldog is a large athletic dog with a medium jaw, unusually hardy with excellent working qualities.


American bulldogs are well trained, but they are a bit stubborn, so perseverance and determination are required from the owner. If the dog has mastered the team, you can be sure, she remembered her for life. From childhood, it is important for the American Bulldog to give the opportunity to play and communicate with relatives, with other people. This breed has an innate sense of distrust, if the pet is not socialized, difficulties may arise in the future.

Ambuli are universal dogs that can easily be given any discipline. But the main and mandatory remains the general training course - the key to the problem-free existence of the dog in society.

Important points in the education of the American Bulldog:

    1. Under any circumstances, at any age the dog is prohibited from biting the owner or any other person.
    2. The dog is forbidden to pull the leash. Adult ambulas have tremendous power that the owner may not be able to handle, so the problem must be eradicated from puppyhood.
    3. The pet is not allowed to lean on people, even if it thus expresses greeting or joy. Again, the whole point is valid. An adult ambulo is capable of putting a sufficiently tall man, and even more so of a child or woman.
    4. Prevent any attempts to fight with other animals. The ambul is not aggressive by nature and will not rush to fellow men for no reason, but if you cultivate anger in it and initiate fights, the consequences can be disastrous.

    Exercise stress

The American Bulldog needs physical activity very well, and the duration of the walk is measured not by hours, but by kilometers. The puppy's loads are taught gradually. At first, half-hour walks 3-4 times a day are enough. Later walks, games and training are complemented by jogging, you can participate in traction sports. In the warm season, it is better to walk the dog by the pond, ambuli love to swim.

Character and psychological portrait

The character of the American bulldog can not be called simple. These dogs are funny, friendly, good-natured, sociable and love the owner’s company, but at the same time they are stubborn, dominant, are willful and too independent. Ambuli are distrustful of all outsiders, but belong to their family without a trace. Coziness with other animals is unpredictable.If the pets grew up together, then we can hope that they will make friends. But if someone comes to the house where an adult bulldog lives, a new hunt can be arranged for him. For the most part, these dogs treat children very well, love to play with them, and are unusually patient with all children's pranks.

Maintenance, care and health

The ambul is best suited for living in a private house with a large plot, but is not suitable for year-round living on the street in cold climates. He can live in a city apartment if he is provided with the necessary physical activity.

American Bulldog does not require special care. They bathe the dog no more than 2 times a year. The hair is periodically combed out with a special brush for shorthair breeds, a little more often during molting. Eyes and ears are wiped as they become dirty, using special cleansing lotions. If the claws do not grind on their own, they must be trimmed with secateurs.

American bulldogs are usually unpretentious in food, they can eat natural or dry food. The main thing is that a strict diet corresponds to the age and physical activity of the dog. Some owners practice combined nutrition: dry food with natural supplements.

American bulldogs are strong and hardy dogs, but genetically predisposed to dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints, inversion of the eyelids, allergies and various skin diseases (such as dermatitis and eczema) that can be caused by ectoparasites or are immune in nature. Unilateral or bilateral deafness occurs.

The average life expectancy is 13-14 years.

Puppy Selection and American Bulldog Price

Regardless of whether the dog will be a companion or should become a star of the ring, it must be purebred. Under the guise of puppies of an American bulldog from "elite" manufacturers, unscrupulous breeders sometimes sell a cross between a pit bull and a boxer or an English bulldog with a staff. Therefore, it is better to buy a puppy in a kennel. Documentary confirmation of the pedigree, parental titles and reliable information on mating can be obtained at the breed club. Every self-respecting breeder is sure to tag litters. The mark is placed in the auricle or in the groin, but just in case, it is worth comparing it with the number in the documents.

A puppy can be taken to a new home in 1.5-2 months. At this age, he should weigh 5-6 kg. A good puppy is a bony with a large head and a wide muzzle, with shiny hair, clean ears and eyes. The peculiarity of the breed is that babies can be inactive or inactive, but this in most cases is not a defect and passes with age.

For the arrival of a puppy in a new house you need to prepare:

  • choose his place;
  • buy bowls, toys;
  • think about choosing a nickname for a dog.

An important point in choosing a puppy is an assessment of his mental poise. To determine it, there are special tests, so it is better to choose a dog with an experienced dog handler.

The price of a puppy of an American bulldog varies between 350-850 dollars. You can buy cheaper on hand, but no one can guarantee the purity of the breed.

American Bulldog: owner reviews

About whom only reviews are not written, the American bulldog is no exception. There are different opinions about the dog, but on the whole, there is a positive tendency in assessing the qualities of the animal. Let’s read several reviews about the American Bulldog together and see what fans of topic forums think about the pet:

  1. I have been educating and training the American bulldog for the sixth year. I must say right away that it’s not easy to train a breed, it’s a difficult character. Personally, I gave the dog to dog training courses. After that, he was not recognized. The bulldog became calmer, more confident.

In my opinion, the advantages of the American bulldog are determined by such qualities:

  • strength;
  • calm
  • devotion;
  • controllability.

The dog understands who his family is and he does not care who to protect, in which case. The bulldog is devoted to fanaticism, but it is stubborn. Before courses so generally stubbornly. As advice - do not give the dog self-will, constantly work with her, only then get the result.

  1. An English bulldog in a house is like an unconscious child. This comedic, sweet and charming creature immediately became our little star.

A devotee, constantly loving, always spinning and sniffing somewhere nearby.

It’s better to walk with him for a long time in the evening, he doesn’t feel like morning fast “things” - not enough.

She likes to eat tasty and much, and she is a fan too. Ever groans, sniffles, rumbles. So charming and at the same time helpless. But I am sure that a real defender of the house will surely grow out of him, who will close his chest if something happens.

These were reviews of American Bulldogs written by dog ​​owners. I think you noticed that we picked up reviews from representatives of the weaker and stronger sex in order to more widely cover the picture. I advise you to keep up - leave a review about your bulldog in the comments and we will publish it!


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