The main signs of pregnancy in cats

If your cat has a planned or accidental mating, it is important to determine as early as possible whether the fertilization process has begun - to do this without the help of a specialist is not always easy, but it is still useful to know what signs of a cat’s pregnancy indicate that the pet will soon become a mother .

The sooner pregnancy is established, the more time the owners will have to prepare for the appearance of offspring. This is especially important for thoroughbred animals - after all, some breeds have difficulties in bearing and giving birth to offspring, they may require the supervision and assistance of a veterinarian.

When the cat is ready for pregnancy

Fertilization and the onset of pregnancy is possible only during estrus, which first appears when the animal is 7 or 8 months old (in some individuals, earlier dates for the onset of the first estrus are also possible). On average, estrus occurs every 2-3 months, but in many cases, if fertilization does not occur, it can be repeated with a frequency of 2-3 weeks.

The onset of the first estrus is not the only sign of the animal’s readiness for reproduction, because true puberty will come only after a year, but it is better to postpone this crucial event to 1.3, or even 1.5 years.

Early pregnancy poses a significant threat to the health and life of a cat; in nature, such animals survive extremely rarely.

Upon reaching the age of 6 years, the sexual activity of the nursery gradually decreases, it becomes harder and harder to bear and give birth to healthy kittens, so if she actively participated in breeding, she is sterilized at this time and is no longer allowed for breeding.

Veterinary specialists and felinologists categorically recommend sterilizing animals that have no breeding value and outbred Murok, since regular estrus without subsequent fertilization is fraught with serious health problems for the pet.

In the case of pregnancy and the birth of kittens, it may be difficult to find owners for them, so it is best to make life easier for yourself and your cat and provide her with the opportunity to live in complete health and well-being.

How is knitting

The optimal mating time when pregnancy is most likely is 3-5 days from the onset of estrus, so it is important to track the first signs of its appearance in time. Conception occurs only after a day or two from the moment of successful mating.

What signs indicate that estrus has occurred?

  • A noticeable change in behavior: the cat meows loudly, requires attention and affection from the owner, rolls on the floor, moves on bent legs.
  • Some cats can mark territory during estrus.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Mucous discharge from the genitals.

Determine that the mating ended with a positive outcome, you can on the following grounds:

  • The cat loses interest in the cat, chases it away after repeated grooming, and can ride on the floor.
  • The estrus ended 1-3 days after mating.
  • The mucous membrane on the genitals increased and swollen, its color changed and became brighter.

In general, if such symptoms appear, it can be considered that these are the first early signs of pregnancy. But still, to make sure that the cat is pregnant, it will still be necessary to carefully monitor its behavior over the next 2-3 weeks - this is the period when the cat shows signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy diagnosis

Unfortunately, tests for determining the pregnancy of cats in Russia are not yet available, they can be purchased only in some European veterinary pharmacies.

It is far from always possible to determine pregnancy by signs, because their appearance does not guarantee its 100% occurrence - it can easily turn out to be false. Most reliable and the exact method in this case is ultrasoundwith the help of which already in the second week from the moment of fertilization a fetal bladder is noticeable, and after the 3rd week it is possible to establish the fetal heartbeat.

Another method that allows you to determine pregnancy reliably is palpation. A veterinarian with extensive experience can install it already in the 2nd week - at this stage there is such a sign as an increase in the uterus of the animal.

What signs indicate pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy in a cat can be detected after about 10 days from the date of mating. During this period, implantation takes place - the embryos attach to the walls of the uterus, the expectant mother has a dramatic change in hormonal levels, and therefore her behavior and well-being are changing. External signs will appear a little later.

The main symptoms of a cat’s pregnancy at an early stage will be as follows:

  1. The cat becomes more tame and affectionate, seeking the attention of the owner.
  2. At the initial stage, appetite can sharply worsen, toxicosis can occur - just like in a pregnant woman.
  3. The cat can sleep more than usual, its activity decreases. Her behavior does not always change, but if any oddities that did not occur in her usual time appeared in him, then with high probability we can assume that this is one of the signs of pregnancy.
  4. By about the third week, the most reliable sign appears - the mammary glands swell and the nipples change color: they turn bright pink.

At week 3-5, the signs become more obvious: the abdomen and sides are rounded, she begins to take care of herself when jumping from a height, becomes less mobile. In an animal, food preferences may change, while appetite increases significantly.

It is possible to determine how many kittens the pet carries on the period of the 5th-beginning of 6 weeks. At this point, they are well felt and can be counted.

At 7-8 weeks, the movement of the babies inside is already very clearly visible - at the moments when the pet is resting, you can notice the wave-like movement of the walls of her abdomen.

Shortly before birth, characteristic signs appear in the form of mucous secretions from the genitals, colostrum from the nipples. Behavior becomes restless, she seeks shelter, can meow a lot, build a "nest". It is important to prepare a comfortable place for childbirth in advance.where she will feel safe.

The first signs of pregnancy in a British cat can sometimes be confused with the usual weight gain due to the fact that the physique of the representatives of this breed is itself quite round. In order not to make a mistake, you can watch her walk: if she expects babies, her spine will bend down in the lumbar region, and only her belly will increase in size and round off.

False pregnancy

Sometimes it happens that the cat didn’t have a meeting with the cat, but by all indications it behaves as if the birth was just around the corner. Owners are perplexed and do not know how to explain this phenomenon. This is how a false pregnancy manifests itself. It can come, for example, if a recently born cat lives nearby, or if fertilization has failed.

Sometimes the reasons can be more serious: severe psychological stress, hormonal disorders. It lasts 3-4 weeks, then all the signs disappear.

Signs of a false pregnancy in cats can coincide with signs of a real pregnancy: the abdomen increases, the appetite increases, the cat builds a nest, her behavior often changes - she becomes too affectionate and demanding or, conversely, irritable and tries to retire.

The main difference is that after a while all the symptoms disappear without a trace.

If this happens quite often, the cat should be shown to the veterinarian to rule out pathologies related to her health.

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