How often do you need to wash your cat

The bathing process is a real test, both for the cat or kitten, and for the owner of the animal. By nature, these fluffy tetrapods do not like water, respectively, and they perceive the procedure associated with it with stress. The question of how often you can wash a cat, how many times a month or daily, is one of the most important for responsible owners who have not yet fully learned all the subtleties of caring for them.

Interesting Facts

Most people know that a cat is a clean creature. She will be able to conduct hygiene procedures on her own, licking her tongue. Kittens learn this process by watching older cats. Also, independent purification is laid down as a reflex, a kind of "genetic memory."

Cat hair has a natural coating, which is produced by the sebaceous glands, which is why dirt does not linger on it.

All these features become the cause of questions and doubts about how often to bathe cats, whether they can be washed at all, what means to choose. Each of them must be studied in detail.

To wash or not to wash

In order to understand whether it is possible to wash a cat, it is important to know that not all dirt can be removed by them independently. A water procedure should be carried out in an exceptional case - before going to the exhibition or to the doctor. Also occasionally it will be necessary to bathe an animal if there are kids in the housethat will play with the cat. Additionally, this test will have to those pets who have to deal with fleas and other parasites that infect the skin or coat.

For this purpose, not only water is used, but also special hygiene products - shampoos, which include special products to treat parasites. In addition, do not avoid washing those cats that spend a lot of time on the street. Shampoos for washing cats are best purchased at pet stores or veterinary clinics, as they undergo strict control there, the owner will be sure that he will not harm the pet by using a hygiene product in the bathing process.

To wash cats: how and how much

Not every experienced owner knows how many times to bathe a cat in order not to harm her. In order to prevent mistakes in the hygiene process, the following should be considered:

  • The age of the cat, cat or kitten;
  • Breed of pet;
  • Have he been vaccinated?
  • Does he go out or is always in the house.

In the event that the cat is constantly in the apartment or rarely happens on the street, then she should be bathed 1 time in 90 days.

You only need to comb the hair regularly to get rid of excess dirt. If she lives in a private house or constantly walks, then you need to wash the cat more often - 1 time in 45-60 days.

It will be required to wash a cat 5 times a year even when she lives permanently in the village. It is important to remember that breeds that do not have wool (bare) need frequent bathing - once every 14 days in the warm period and once a month in winter and autumn.

Process features

In order to wash the cat correctly, you need to know a few secrets:

  • It is forbidden to use funds intended for people (so as not to violate pH indicators);
  • Zoo shampoos can be in liquid or dry form, as well as in the form of a spray, so the application process can be made as fast as possible for the animal.

Directly bathe a British cat or any other should be in warm, but not hot water. First you need to comb the hair to get rid of tangles or hair loss. Wash your pet for long, without sudden movements. In addition, it is very important that you protect your ears from water. For this purpose, you can purchase special plugs.

It is not recommended to wash a pregnant cat, as this process can cause her stress.

In order to ensure the safety of the animal, it is necessary to put a rubberized mat on the bottom of the bathroom - this way you can avoid slipping your paws. Wash with shampoo should be no more than 1-2 minutes after applying the composition to the wool.

After the completion of the main process, you will need to pat the wool with a warm towel to get rid of excess water. The hairdryer is not recommended, as it can scare the animal (especially if it's a kitten).

Bathing Guidelines

It is difficult to wash a Scottish cat or any other breed, but the process can be facilitated:

  • It is necessary to turn the process into an exciting game;
  • Show affection and care;
  • Do not make obvious efforts to keep the cat.

If you do everything carefully and follow the tips, the cat will wash with great pleasure.

Thus, washing the cat often is not necessary. The optimal amount for the couch potato is 5 times a year. To increase or decrease this amount, to wash with or without shampoos - factors that affect the pet's lifestyle will help to understand all this.

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