Reasons cats stop eating dry food

With the advent of factory pet food, many pet owners breathed a sigh of relief, believing that it was enough to choose the right brand once and the cat’s nutrition problem would be resolved forever.

In case the cat stopped eating dry food, many begin to panic. What is the reason and what should the owner do?

The main probable reasons for refusal of dry food:

  1. the owners do not monitor the cleanliness of cat dishes and water,
  2. I'm fed up
  3. the pet’s appetite has temporarily deteriorated
  4. feed quality has changed
  5. the cat is seriously ill.

Cats are demanding for cleanliness, be careful

If the cat stopped eating dry food due to dirty dishes, it is enough for the owner to start paying attention to his duties.

It is constantly said about the need to observe the drinking regime when a pet eats exclusively dry food. It is important to keep the bowl clean., wash it regularly, constantly change the water in the drinker. The consequences of drinking disorders are warned by feed manufacturers by making appropriate notes on the packaging.

Cats do not eat, but eat themselves. Make sure that the feed does not bother

Another common reason why a cat has stopped eating dry food may be that the owners always offer the same taste. Try to eat your favorite meal three times a day for a month. Will it remain as desired and loved? And if so eat a whole year? Most often, cats do not eat, but little by little they regale. If a pet is fed up with dry food, different tastes should be alternated.

Fortunately, now cat food is packaged in hermetically sealed bags, it will not deteriorate after opening the package.

It is also good to diversify the diet by introducing moist food into it. Indeed, often the owners accustom animals to dry food, considering it the only full-fledged source of all the necessary substances. But this is an erroneous opinion. Pets always need additional sources of vitamins, as well as fresh grass to remove swallowed wool from the body.

Stress in a cat's life is a likely cause of loss of appetite

The reasons why a cat refuses to eat dry food can be of an emotional nature. It's time for March weddings, summer heat, moving to a new apartment, a change of owner, the appearance of another pet in the house (and even the birth of a baby) can provoke a temporary refusal of food. What to do in such cases? Pay attention to the ward, try to create comfortable conditions, talk to him more often, and stroke him.

In the hottest summer days, the pet can completely refuse food throughout the day, hide under the bath, look for other cool places and approach the bowl only in the late evening.

If after a couple of days the animal does not start asking for food again, then the reason is more serious and it is worth contacting a veterinarian.

In cases where the cat asks for food, but does not eat, you should check the quality of the purchased products. If you are glad that the animal was able to accustom to dry food, the price of which suits you, and now you have found it at a cheaper cost, in fact, it may turn out that the cat will ignore it. Sometimes the same brand is produced by different factories. Depending on the country of origin, the composition of the raw material changes and the cat may not like this taste, while the owner is guided by the choice of the drawing on the package and may not be able to read the information written on the box in small print.

What diseases does the pet refuse to eat?

Sometimes a cat does not eat dry food, because it becomes painful to chew it. But at the same time, she does not refuse sour cream, cream, soft food, or pieces of boiled fish. Possible reasons:

  • stomatitis,
  • periodontal disease
  • tartar
  • tooth loss or decay.

Take the cat to the clinic, let the veterinarian check the condition of the oral cavity and prescribe treatment.

A variety of parasites can cause digestion. Flat and roundworms, fleas, lice-eaters, ticks can cause strong general intoxication of the body. Regular prevention of helminthic infestations with drops or tablets should be the norm. Special collars, dry shampoos, powders, wet processing save fleas and other external parasites.

The reason for refusing food can be poisoning by domestic plants (as a rule, all decorative flowers containing milky juice in the stems and leaves are toxic to cats).

Cats intuitively feel which product is more useful to them. With some diseases of the digestive system and urinary tract, they stop consuming dry food, while drinking a lot, hiding from the light, sleeping a lot, preferring nooks and crannies in the house. An alarming symptom is a violation of behavior when the animal ceases to eat, and in addition begins to defiantly ignore the tray. Consult your veterinarian if you notice such changes in your pet's habits.

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