The number of teeth a cat has

For people, a cat is an affectionate and playful pet. But the owner forgets that this animal is essentially a predator, whose jaw is well developed. But not every person knows how many teeth a cat has.

Number of teeth by age

Kittens are born without teeth. For the first time, one can notice the growth of milk incisors 14 days after birth. After a month, fangs begin to appear in the kitten. Their growth lasts quite a long time, about 2 months. After fangs, premolars grow.

When the kitten is 3-6 months old, the change of milk teeth to permanent begins. Usually, by the age of 30, a cat has 30 teeth growing: the lower 16 and the upper 14.

Depending on the age of the cat, there are various problems with the teeth. Already in a year and a half the appearance of yellow is observed. In two years, the erosion of secondary teeth occurs, yellowness only intensifies. At the same age, tartar can occur.

At three years old, the central incisors that are below are erased by cats. At the age of five, fangs begin to change. In addition, pets observed plaque on the teeth of a dark yellow shade. Further, the chewing surface is gradually destroyed in animals.

At ten years of life, you can already notice that molars begin to fall out in an adult cat. The older the pet, the fewer incisors it remains. The fangs fall last. This occurs at about 15 years old.

How many teeth a cat will have at an old age depends on how carefully the owner will monitor the hygiene of his pet's oral cavity. If a person does not care or does it wrong, then the cat can earn a lot of problems with the teeth, which will lead to premature wear and loss.

How to care for the oral cavity of an animal?

Cats themselves, although they are clean creatures, daily care for their bodies, but they are not able to conduct oral hygiene. In this pet should help the owner. The health of the cat’s teeth is completely in the hands of a person, so you need to know how to do it.

The animal needs to brush teeth at least once a month. To do this, you can buy a regular toothbrush for young children. Better if it is made from natural bristles. The following products can be used to clean the cat’s jaw.:

  • Toothpastes that do not need to be washed off. They are hypoallergenic and are sold in any pet stores.
  • Normal tooth powder.
  • Red wine and soda.

It is necessary to brush your teeth very carefully, performing light movements so as not to damage the mucous membrane of the gums. It is worth noting that cats do not like this procedure. It’s best to teach them how to clean their jaw since childhood.

The most convenient to use toothpastes that do not require rinsing. They are applied very quickly and easily.. If the owner wants to use tooth powder, then after cleaning, wipe the teeth with a soft, damp cloth.

When using wine, you need to moisten the cotton wool with a drink, then apply soda and brush your teeth. After this procedure, any tooth contamination in an adult cat will disappear. It can even help get rid of tartar.

If hygiene of the mouth cannot be carried out, because the cat breaks free, then veterinarians recommend the use of special food. It is designed specifically for cleaning teeth. It contains components that have coarse fibers. This tool will help to take care of your oral cavity.

Watch the video: Vet Tutorial. How to Brush a Cat's Teeth (December 2019).