What is the most furry cat in the world?

Most cats and cats have thick and soft hair. She is their dignity and admiration. Many owners are proud of their pets and even post their photos on the net. Some individuals have a particularly long coat, which makes them world record holders. The most furry cat in the world is Colonel Meow, but there are other individuals that are worthy of people's attention.

It is not uncommon for pets to have personal pages on social networks where their owners publish new photos of their idols. Sure, caring for cats is pretty tricky, but worth it.

We bring to your attention the top of fluffy cats, which are known worldwide for their wool.

Cat sky

Until recently, the most furry cat in the world was considered the cat Sky. This animal is literally buried in wool of a snow-white color. If you look at the pet from afar, you can even confuse it with a small cloud. The owner of the cat admits that she often wants to stroke and hug her pet, as he has a very beautiful view.

  • The name Sky was also given to him not by chance. From a young age, a fluffy cat was restless, but at the same time affectionate. Then the mistress gave him such a nickname, which in translation from English means heaven.
  • The long and fluffy tail of a cat is his calling card on the Internet. Sky is a kind of celebrity where he lives permanently.

The cat has its own Instagram account, where the owner regularly publishes new photos with his participation.

Cat "Colonel"

The furry cat named Colonel Meow won the length of his fur in the world. The pet is a representative of the cross between the Himalayan and Persian breeds. It has an ash gray color and an impressive size.

The story of the cat is not simple - it was taken from a shelter in October 2011 in Los Angeles. It is not known how and why he ended up there, but soon the animal found its loving family. The landlady immediately realized that the cat’s coat was too long. The nickname is attached to the animal itself because of its appearance. The owner often had to clean the house, clean carpets and other surfaces. However, Anne-Marie Evie did not even imagine that her favorite could become a champion.

  • The average length of the "hair" was 23 centimeters. And this is an absolute record among furry domestic cats.
  • Previously, the longhair cats were not included in the Guinness Book of Records, and Colonel Meow was the first. Next to him is the record of the oldest cat in the world, which was born in 1977.

Fame and popularity came to him after the publication of Ann-Marie photos on social networks. The photo of a beautiful cat became viral due to its appearance - it seemed that Colonel Meow's muzzle expressed contempt and discontent, which users laughed at.

Due to the recognition of the furry cat, about 176,000 people signed up for the animal's account. More than 70 thousand likes regularly appeared on the photo. Then the hostess opened a cat account on Youtube.

The owners did not seek to capitalize on the popularity of the cat, but constant requests to show the pet and the creation of new funny memes made it possible to improve the quality of life of the hostess. The most furry cat in the world Colonel Meow even participated in the filming of a video with a charity beginning, along with other popular cats.

The life of a furry champion was not long - in November 2013, the cat was hospitalized, and then died in January 2014. An autopsy revealed that Colonel Meow was suffering from a chronic heart muscle disease.

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