Will the cat grow a mustache if cut?

One day, the youngest member of the family, by virtue of their curiosity, may ask - what will happen if the cat's mustache is cut off? And parents should find a worthy answer to this question, which will forever give the crumbs to understand that this is not the best idea. But sometimes adults themselves do not know why their pet has a mustache and what will happen if they are cut off. "After all, it's just hairs, what's wrong with that?" - Some cat owners think. Well, let's try to figure it out.

Why do we need a mustache

Vibrissae (the scientific name for mustache) are special very sensitive and stiff hairs that mammals have. They protrude above the hairline and serve for orientation in space. Such vibrissae are located above the upper lip, on both sides of the nose, above the eyes, on the chin, as well as on the cheeks, on the tail and on the ankles of the anterior. The cat seems to have a mustache almost everywhere! And this is far from just so.

Why is the cat a mustache? They are needed, first of all, as already mentioned, to study what is around the cat. The root of each antennae has a huge number of nerve endings, and they transmit to the cat in the brain everything that they managed to understand about the surrounding space. It is with the help of vibrissae that the animal learns what arose on its way, what size these obstacles are and what is the state of the wind and air currents around it.

With a mustache, the cat, as it were, “measures” an object or the distance from point A to point B. By touching them to some hole, the cat can understand whether it will crawl into this hole. However, this does not always help them - cats do not have a mustache throughout their bodies, therefore, with excess weight, the information received may be slightly erroneous.

It is thanks to vibrissas that the cat is perfectly oriented in space - the impulses received from the mustache, together with information from other organs, create a three-dimensional picture in the animal’s head, thanks to which even in the dead of night the cat can jump away from an object flying into it.

Another purpose of the mustache appears when hunting. They help determine the speed and direction of the wind, the speed of extraction, and also with their help the cat holds his prey in his teeth, not allowing it to escape. By the way, the mustache on the cat’s legs helps her to feel the vibration from the movement of the mouse - thanks to them the animal perfectly feels where its tailed prey is and catches it with extraordinary speed.

Thanks to the mustache, a person can understand what a cat’s mood is. A wide-spaced mustache indicates that the cat is interested, a mustache pressed to the muzzle is a sign of fear or aggression.

Thus, the following conclusion can be made. Mustache perform the following functions:

  • help in orientation in space;
  • hunting assistance;
  • help in communicating with the owner.

What happens if you cut your mustache?

If for some reason the child nevertheless cut the mustache to the pet, do not be horrified. First of all, it is important to understand that there is nothing mortally dangerous in this - the mustache needs to be updated every few months, so sooner or later, but the new antennae in place of the old one will certainly grow, and everything will be as before.

However, you must not cut your mustache even for prevention. Even if it seems that a too long mustache is preventing the cat from moving, this is still a bad idea. The record holder for the length of the mustache among cats lived perfectly with his 19 centimeters of mustache, and there are many videos on the Internet proving that the length and quality of vibrissae (and in some cats they twist into fancy curls) are not an obstacle.

If the cat cut off his mustache, then his behavior can become extremely inadequate. He will begin to stumble upon those objects that he just looked at, and at night he will remain completely disoriented. It can simply fall out of the blue, when jumping it is incorrect to calculate the trajectory and not reach the place (or even fly over). In a word, an animal can do as much harm to itself as it could not, living on the street without care.

You need to understand once and for all that:

  • a mustache for a cat is an extremely important sense organ, without which it is practically powerless;
  • although the mustache grows quickly, the time spent without them will be extremely painful for the kitten - it will stumble, bump, constantly cripple, which can provoke many other diseases, such as depression or stress;

There is a flip side to the situation. Sometimes a cat herself bites off her kitten's mustache, trying to reconcile his curiosity - without a tactile function, the baby calms down for a while and stops exploring the world so zealously. In this case, you do not need to punish the cat - the mother always knows what is best for her child.

And again: cutting a mustache for a cat is a bad idea. The consequences of this act can be very unfavorable - some pets become isolated, cease to live an active life, begin to sleep for a long time and may even refuse to eat. We must try to explain to the child that a cat without a mustache will be very bad, and then the baby will abandon this idea, and the cat will be out of danger.

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