Instructions for use Stop itching for cats

Most often, an itchy skin problem can occur in a cat that has recently been picked up on the street. But the domestic cat or dog also has reasons that cause the animal to suffer. And then the Stop-itch suspension for cats comes to the rescue. What is known about the manufacturer of this drug? What are the active ingredients in this product? And in what cases and problems of our animals should I resort to this medicine?

Animal medicine from a reputable manufacturer

Api-San is a Russian company that is trustworthy. Since 1991, its products are known in the market of veterinary drugs. Since that time, the company has grown and already on its basis there is a laboratory, production and OKK, a commission that controls the quality of medications. It is equipped with the most modern equipment.

All this speaks of product quality. And the real reviews of users who purchase the products of the Api-San NGO for their cats and dogs show that there are good reasons for the well-deserved popularity of production:

  • A wide range of veterinary products. And these are pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical treatment products;
  • High efficacy of drugs. In order to keep the quality at the proper level, the company adheres to the policy of acquiring the best technology for production and attracting the best specialists in this field;
  • The assortment is constantly replenished and at the same time, the former is updated, their recipe is improved;
  • As a part of means exclusively active components are used.

And all these quality factors are confirmed by Stop-itch suspension for cats reviews of leading breeders and owners of cats. Product ratings have remained high for decades. Such popularity is deserved.

However, for a better acquaintance with the drug for cats Stop-itch, it is worth getting answers to the following questions. What is the purpose of this spray? How does Stop Itch work? What is included in its composition? What is the method of application and what is the dosage of the suspension? Does Stop Itching for cats have contraindications and side effects? How and how much to store this tool?

Stop itch target for dogs and cats

Treatment with Stop-Itch is prescribed if the cat has acute or chronic dermatitis, allergic otitis media, or skin diseases caused by bacteria.

Unfortunately, all diseases are serious enough and this affects the health of the cat. With a little check, the owner of the animal will easily find the reason. To eliminate it, use a spray Stop itching for the cat. And it is better to start using this tool as soon as possible in order to eliminate skin problems in the early stages. Running dermatitis or other diseases from the list are more difficult to treat, have a number of unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. And, they can easily go into a chronic form.

Drug action

Before you start using Stop-itch, you should read the instructions to take into account the recommendations of doctors and scientists. Who achieved the best results during the study of this drug.

How does Stop Itch work for skin problems in cats? There are three main areas of exposure:

  • Firstly, Stop-itch is a drug that relieves the inflammatory process.
  • Secondly, if the cause of skin disease is an allergy. Or, an allergic reaction has arisen as a result of a protracted process of cat disease. But maybe the reason is that an allergy began due to poor-quality drugs. These drugs not only did not solve the problem, but also exacerbated the clinical picture. In these cases, Stop-itch for cats can easily relieve allergies thanks to the drug triamcinolone, which is part of the spray.
  • Thirdly, the treatment will be successful, since the same triamcinolone has a desensitizing ability. That is, it removes or lowers the sensitivity of the body.

As a result, cells that harm the body are inhibited, the inflammatory process slows down. Other components of the drug Stop-itch for dogs and cats have bactericidal and soothing properties, relieve itching.

The composition of the suspension Stop itching and packaging

In addition to triamcinolone, the composition of both the spray for cats and the suspension of Stop-itch also includes other active drugs. Substances and their dosage:

  • Triamcinolone - 0.5 mg;
  • Chloramphenicol - 5 mg;
  • Metronidazole - 1 mg;
  • Calendula Extract - 4mg;
  • Lidocaine - 50 mg.

Release form Stop itch spray and suspension. You can buy a suspension for cats Stop-itch, packaged in 15 and 10 ml. The packaging is cardboard, inside, along with a plastic bottle there is an instruction for use and a syringe. Spray for cats is sold at 30ml in a jar.

How and how much to apply

During therapy with Stop-itch, it is important to adhere to some rules:

Suspension. The course of treatment is 10-12 days. The first 4 days give a whole dose. For cats up to 3 kg - 0.25 ml, if the cat has more than 3 kg of weight, its dose will be 0.5 ml. The following days, it is worth giving Stop-itch to cats only half the dose. The suspension is injected into the mouth with a syringe in the morning before or during a meal.

Spray. The course is a minimum of 5 days, a maximum - until complete recovery. How is the spray applied? 3 times a day, it is necessary to spray the drug Stop-itch in the affected area. Shake the jar well before use. Keep the spray Stop-itch at a distance of about 10 cm, perpendicular to the cat's body, so that the product falls exclusively on the site of the lesion. Make sure that the eyes are protected and that they do not accidentally get Stop Itch.

Side effects and contraindications

When and under what conditions it is impossible or not recommended for cats Stop itching:

  • Eye contact is contraindicated! If this happens, rinse your eyes well under running water.
  • Stop-itching is contraindicated in cats if they are greatly weakened by the disease.
  • It is not recommended to use Stop-itch spray on pregnant and lactating cats.
  • If the cat suffers from diabetes - this is also a reason to limit the intake of medication.
  • And another reason - intolerance by the cat of the drug or one of its components in the composition of Stop-itch.
  • In addition, if you start treatment of a cat with Stop-itch, it is advisable not to use any other similar means.

What side effects can a cat have after stopping it? Long laboratory tests have proven that it is a safe drug. However, the cat may have an individual reaction to Stop itching: vomiting, drowsiness, indigestion, depression. If this happens, stop taking Stop Itch and replace it with an analog one.

The method of storage of the drug Stop-itch

Shelf life - 2 years. Store longer, and even more so apply, Stop-itch is not recommended. Store in a cool dark place where neither the cats themselves nor the little children can reach.

The reasons for the use of suspension Stop itch

If you decide to give the drug to the cat, then carefully read the instructions. Find out the direction of the medicine, a description of its effect on various diseases. And, it is advisable to use it only after the cat has been diagnosed with eczema, infected dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, allopecia, negative reactions after an insect bite, diffuse neurodermatitis. In this case, the use of Stop-itch for a cat is justified.

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