What to do if a cat gets sick?

Many do not give birth to an animal out of fear that they will have to bear responsibility for the cat or dog. When all is well, then the “neighborhood” of the cat and the person brings a lot of good points. But what if the cat gets sick? How can he provide timely and proper assistance? How to alleviate the suffering of a cat?

Of course, an understanding of responsibility is a fairly reasonable view, and it should prepare a person for the next step. Do not be afraid of something bad that might not happen. And, if it happens, then understanding how to act can easily lead out of the most complex problem. For example, your cat is sick. This is a good reason to worry. But in order for the danger to be less serious, it is worthwhile to learn by signs to determine in advance that something is wrong with the cat, he may be ill. And based on this information make timely decisions.

How can you understand that your cat is sick on time, when it can be saved, or, to do with minimal measures? And if the cat is sick, how to help him? What are the ways to provide first aid? And in what cases is it worth rushing to the doctor?

Signs of cat disease

Having discovered the first symptoms, you need to start acting immediately. But what are these symptoms that are worth starting to worry about? it:

  • The cat begins to behave unusually: screaming, rushing or, conversely, clogging in the corner.
  • Physical signs are noticeable, indicating that the pet is sick: wounds, tumors, a sharp change in the weight and appearance of the cat.
  • The attitude of the pet to the owner changes: the cat is unfriendly, or, on the contrary, always pursues the owner, as if attracting his attention.
  • Gastronomic preferences are changing. In some diseases, the cat may feel the need for a particular food. Or does the cat lose his appetite.

Having found one or more signs, it’s worth understanding what they say about physical or psychological changes in the cat’s body, or about a deviation from the norm: the cat became ill. What is worth taking?

The first actions of the owner

A sick cat sometimes behaves very quietly while the disease progresses inexorably. Only attention from the owner can help determine the disease and start treating the cat in time. What should be done?

Sequence of our actions:

  • Conduct a survey. Feel and inspect the cat. Each area of ​​the animal's body should be palpated. This method of diagnosis is especially relevant, because due to the cat’s coat, many problems with both the skin and internal organs are not noticeable. You need to examine and test not only the surface, but also to check the integrity of the bones, the work of the muscles, whether internal organs are enlarged. You should even look into the jaws of the cat and in his ears.
  • Make a short sketch of the cat’s behavior and menu in the last few days. We will need these records for the next step.
  • Urgently contact the veterinary center, where they will more accurately determine what our cat fell ill with and how to help him.
  • Strictly adhere to the doctor's prescription. You may have to give cats injections, or give them a medical course.
  • Recommendations may relate not only to treatment, but also to the daily routine, and exercise, feeding, and drinking.

Observing all this, you can achieve some success. But this is in the event that the doctor who made the examination of the cat and gave an appointment allows the sick cat to be treated at home.

What you need to do when you can’t solve the problem on your own

And what if we are not able to independently help a cat who is sick? If his life is in jeopardy, and sometimes, every minute plays an important role in his struggle for life? Perhaps it is worth leaving the pet under the supervision of doctors, and thus help the cat if he is sick.

Not every veterinary center has the opportunity to provide our smaller brothers with inpatient treatment. Then you should look for an alternative solution. For example, invite a doctor for a daily walk around or hire a nurse who will come and put droppers, give injections to a cat who is sick. At the same time, the nurse will observe the clinical history of your cat’s illness, on this basis it is realistic to build the subsequent treatment.

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