How to administer Ringer's solution to a cat?

Favorite tailed pets are not immune to various types of intoxications. It is unclear what kind of toxin your pet has poisoned this time, but usually they use Ringer's solution for cats. The main advantage of this drug is its safety for the animal, but it allows you to save your cat in completely seemingly hopeless cases.

Composition of Ringer's solution and dosage for animals

The composition of this unique panacea is simple, except water it:

  • sodium chloride NaCl 0.9%, notorious sodium chloride;
  • calcium chloride CaCl2, the buyer meets calcium salt on packages in the form of E509, it is considered a safe food supplement;
  • sodium bicarbonate, otherwise, baking soda, NaHCO3;
  • glucose, an easy source of solar energy for the body, is found in fruits and berries.

Approximately the same composition in blood plasma, so there was no case of overdose.

Forms of drug release:

  • in glass bottles, with a volume of either 200 ml or 400 ml;
  • in plastic bags for injection 500 ml.

What can be the manifestations of intoxication, and what causes them

Intoxication manifests itself in different ways. Vomiting with diarrhea may appear, the animal will lie weak, scaring the owner with its dying appearance, in severe cases, blindness may occur or bleeding will begin.

In order to prevent the pet from crossing the dangerous line, they use Ringer's solution for the cat.

A cat can take off with lead compounds, which is present in paints in old houses, for example, in white zinc. Intoxication often comes from cigarette smoke, from poor-quality feed made from which ingredients are not clear.

The mechanism of action of Ringer's solution

Baking soda has the unique ability to bind many toxins, in particular heavy metals, and remove them from the cat's body in the form of insoluble compounds. An additional advantage of Ringer's solution is its safety and the absence of irritating components.

Practical application

If your kitten is poisoned and barely breathing, it is unlikely that thin veins can be found with dehydration, so Ringer's solution is injected subcutaneously into the cat, directly into muscle tissue.

Since its composition is close to plasma, Ringer's solution is instantly absorbed by the cells of the body. This helps save the cat from dehydration.

There is a serious warning for using the solution in order to dissolve any drugs. The salts included in its composition can enter into various compounds with the substances present in the medicine, and it is not clear what can happen as a result of this with the cat.

The RINGER-LOCKE solution does not contain glucose. Often its use is not so effective in cases of animal poisoning, since it is glucose that helps the liver remove toxic substances.

Indications for use

If the animal was attacked by a tarantula or it was bitten by a snake, the poison, getting into the blood, causes red blood cells to stick, which can lead to thrombosis and death. In this case, it is necessary to administer Ringer's solution of the feline vein.

In cases with diarrhea, to quickly saturate tissues with a liquid similar in composition to blood, the drug is administered subcutaneously in the form of injections.

Sometimes the life of an animal hangs in the balance if pleurisy or peritonitis is diagnosed. First of all, they use this reliable, never failed, tool.

The dosage of the solution for the cat is calculated depending on the weight of the animal and its age. Typically, the daily intake is from 100 ml to 150 ml, and a single dose from 40 ml to 50 ml.

What contraindications are there

If a cat is diagnosed with severe tissue edema or even cerebral edema, it must be understood that the administration of Ringer's solution will aggravate the situation, leading the animal to an even worse state.

If heart failure is detected, the use of a drug is excluded so as not to increase blood flow, since a weakened heart muscle may not be able to cope with the increased load.

In cases of severe kidney damage, such as oliguria, when the urine leaves slowly, the use of Ringer's solution will also increase swelling and can lead to death.

If the veterinarian makes a diagnosis of cytosis, this means a sharp change in the acid-base balance in the body occurs, the drug is used with caution. This also applies to cases of hypovolemia, when blood volume decreases.

Ringer's solution is also used to save other animals. In cases of snakebites, this is a quick help for your dog. Indications for the use of Ringer's solution and contraindications for cats and dogs are similar.