Brit feed reviews for cats

When choosing a cat food, the owner pays attention to what is affordable for him and corresponds to the quality (it is balanced and complete). One such feed that meets the quality-price criterion is Brit cat food. Learn more about this feed.

Types of Brit food for cats

All feeds sold under the Brit brand are divided into two groups (by price and, of course, by quality) - Brit Premium and Brit Care. The last line, Brit Care, is already a super-premium class!

But both lines are equally widely represented, as:

  • dry feed in standard packages of 0.4 kg, 0.8 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg.
  • wet food (spiders, canned food) in standard packages of 0.08 kg, 0.1 kg.

It is made in the Czech Republic.

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1. Ingredients: fish and chicken fat, rice bran, a high percentage of lumpy meat (not offal), vitamins and minerals.

2. Reviews on Brit cat food are very positive. The owners note that:

  • The hair shines and becomes more fluffy,
  • The teeth look good: no plaque and yellowness,
  • The eyes are clear
  • The animal is active
  • The color becomes more pronounced (as the owners of "leopard bengals" noted, feline stripes become bright and more noticeable).

3. A wide range of dry and wet foods.

4. You can buy this food in many stores, which does not cause difficulties in finding it.


  • Corn in the feed does not carry any nutritional value for the animal.
  • The content of brewer's yeast in the composition is an allergen, which is why food is not suitable for all cats.
  • Valerian in cats, acting on the principle of sodium gluconate per person (increased taste). Due to the fact that the cat is madly in love with the cat, she can overeat without feeling the measure, and not drink water, which harms her.
  • Ash level exceeded. He is 8%.

The feed of this brand is available in several forms:

  • dry feed;
  • several types of canned food.

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Dry food Brit

Dry food is divided into 2 subclasses: Premium and Care. The first subclass is of inferior quality, and the second is a pretty decent super-premium feed. The difference between the lines of this feed is their composition, usefulness and balance.

Wet food

Speaking about canned brit for cats, I want to note that they are pretty good: they smell great, cats like them very much and are structurally closer to natural meat.

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What food to choose for your pet?

Dry and wet foods of this brand often duplicate each other, so we will focus on diets.

Brit Care Cat Tobby I'm a Large Cat
Brit Care Cat Lucky I'm Vital Adult

These foods are suitable for adult animals prone to allergies. Also, due to their high nutritional value, they are recommended as full-fledged menus for cats of large breeds.

Brit Care Cat Crazy I'm Kitten

Hypoallergenic menu for kittens. Composed of rice and chicken.

Brit Care Cat Angel I'm Delighted Senior
Brit Premium Cat Senior

Similar hypoallergenic positions, but already for older cats older than 7 years. Diets are designed to meet the needs of an aging body.

Brit Care Cat Monty I'm Living Indoor
Brit Premium Cat Indoor

Is a cat not only prone to allergic reactions, but also leads a sedentary lifestyle? Then these rations should become daily for her.

Brit Care Cat Cheeky I'm Living Outdoor

Hypoallergenic dish for active animals. Particularly recommended for cats and cats living on the street.

Brit Care Cat Lilly I've Sensitive Digestion

A cereal-free cat dish with sensitive digestion. Lamb and salmon in the composition of the dish are designed to cause your pet's appetite.

Brit Care Cat Sunny I've Beautiful Hair

The diet is specially designed for animals with a lush coat. The feed prevents the formation of new lumps of wool and helps to remove old lumps of wool from the body.

Brit Care Cat Daisy I've to control my Weight

Low-calorie hypoallergenic food developed specifically for overweight animals.

Brit Care Cat Missy for Sterilised
Brit Premium Cat Sterilised
Brit Premium Cat Sterilized

Enriched with a formula for protection against urolithiasis, feed is ideal for neutered cats and sterilized cats.

Brit Care Cat Cocco I'm Gourmand

A fussy cat will not resist the taste of salmon, and a cat with sensitive digestion after eating this food will not feel discomfort.

Brit Premium Cat Adult Chicken
Brit Premium Cat Adult Salmon
Brit Care Cat Chicken Breast & Cheese
Brit Care Cat Chicken & Cheese Pouch, etc.

Complete menus for adult cats.

Brit Premium Cat Kitten
Brit Premium Cat Kitten

Full menu for kittens. The last position is suitable for pregnant and lactating cats.

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Brit Care Cat Feed Reviews

Reviews about Brit food for cats vary, as each pet has its own characteristics. This feed is ideal for some, but not for others.

Marina: “Brit bought food only once, when she accidentally didn’t have enough money in her wallet. The cat didn’t eat this food right away and had to show imagination in order to start feeding a packet of food piece by piece. Little by little the process started, but not to say very active. We have pounded the spiders, I won’t buy a new one. "

Vadim: “It seems to be not a bad food. I decided to try (with the cat) the whole line from the usual to the luxury options. By the way, the cat buried the first portions strenuously in linoleum and complained with a loud cry to my Gestapo methods of education. But I was adamant and already at the eleventh serving cat doomedly ate the whole bowl of food. I recently noticed that the cat had lost weight. This was not part of our plans, so we’re tying it in Britom. "

Nina: “I bought Brit food for the sake of variety and now I’ll try to describe my impressions. There is no zipper on the pack and it’s very inconvenient. The food stinks. You can’t call it aroma. The cat doesn’t eat up, although I put it a little more than usual. By the end weeks of feeding the cat began to drown. I’m not doing any experiments on my darling anymore! "

The veterinarians' comments about this food are the same as for others - controversial, since the "doctor" takes care of the "patient "’s health, preferring natural food. If you are considering whether to give this kind of food to your pet, then you need to try it small, paying attention to the animal’s reaction to the food, as many veterinarians advise.

Brit feed prices for cats

Dry food

  • Russia

The average price of dry food is 270 rubles per 400 grams.

950 rubles per 2 kg

3500 rubles per 7 kg

Buy dry food on the Zoopassage website.

  • Ukraine

90 hryvnia per 400 grams

300 hryvnia per 2 kg

1000 hryvnia per 7 kg

Wet food

  • Russia

Brit premium 43 rubles per 100 grams

Brit care 75 rubles for 80 grams

Canned food 90 rubles per 80 grams

Buy wet food at Dogeat.

  • Ukraine

Brit care 35 UAH per 80 grams

Canned food 35 UAH for 80 grams

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