Shorthair cat breeds

Shorthair cats are great-great-great-great ... your Murka’s grandmother. In fact, even if your pet has overgrown with long hair, beyond which it is impossible to examine its graceful anatomy, the fluffy family tree begins with a Libyan bulanic cat. Nearly 10,000 years ago, the Libyan bulanic cat (it’s Nubian, it’s also North African steppe), noticing funny creatures that are so eager for a simple caress in its field of vision, decided to tame these creatures.

I must say that the years of training have not passed in vain, if a person does not deify a cat, then at least adores it, takes care of it, feeds it and cannot even rationally explain why it does it ?! An unstable, capricious and independent cat simply allows itself to be loved, providing the person with the opportunity to admire themselves and from time to time to pet themselves beautiful (but not against the fur!)

The Nubian cat gene turned out to be so strong that even today shorthair cats (both domestic and wild) are more common than cats with long hair. The dominance of the short-haired gene is easy to explain - a cat with a short hair in natural conditions is more independent than its long-haired sister. After all, such hair clings less to surrounding objects, it is also easier to catch parasites in it, and skin diseases bypass such cats.

So, mother nature and the wonders of breeding provided shorthair cats with a prize first place in terms of the number of breeds with this trait.

By the way, from all other breeds of short-haired purrs not only the length of the hairs, but also their quality is distinguished!

Globally, experts divide short-haired cat breeds into the following groups:

  • european
  • eastern
  • american

Shorthair cats with photos and names. European group.

British shorthair cat

For the formation of this breed, fans should thank Harrison Weir, who saw the prospect of developing a cat breed that combines the appearance of aristocrats and the dignity of an aboriginal cat with short hair. The British cat turned out to be, traditionally, an independent creature, but at the same time very balanced and gentle. This persistence makes them ideal companions. The breed is ideal for an apartment or a house. It is interesting that the British are the only short-haired breed, perhaps for which specialized feed is produced!

The British coat is particularly soft, it is double, but not fluffy.

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Scottish Shorthair cat

Shorthair cats Scottish Straight have a genetic affinity and even some similarities with the British, but they do not turn their names to doubles - the Scottish cat has its own “face”. The British are large, the Scots are lighter, the British are cheeky, and the Scots have softer muzzle shapes. The coat is naturally short, plush, with a good undercoat.

Scottish Shorthair cats are big freaks! They are one of the few cats that often and happily stand on their hind legs.

European Shorthair Cat

A European shorthair cat may be familiar to you both as a domestic cat and as a street cat. This cat is believed to be the most common breed in yards around the world. By the way, in 1997 an attempt was made to give this breed the name "Celtic cat", but the name did not take root and European shorthair cats continue to conquer the world and hearts, especially famous for their virtuoso abilities in catching rodents.

This cat differs from outbred street hulls in several ways, one of which is the quality of the coat. Thick (and short!) Coat adjacent to the body is a mandatory component of the image of a European shorthair cat.

In many encyclopedias about this breed you can find the definition: "The only real cat!"

Oriental Shorthair cat breed

Asian breeds of cats are distinguished by intelligence, quick wit, and photos of representatives of this breed demonstrate special grace and sophistication of oriental cats. Let us dwell on four breeds of this group.

Oriental Shorthair Cat

The first mention of this breed is found in manuscripts of ancient Thailand. In Europe, a cat could become megapopular already at the end of the century before last, but lost the lead to Siamese cats, from which oriental color is distinguished by its solid color and eye color. Oriental eyes are usually green. The white color of the coat is in harmony with the blue eyes, but the gray, yellow colors of the iris are almost never found. The coat itself is very smooth and shiny.

Siamese Shorthair cat

This breed is unique, because the Siamese have never been crossed with European cats. As a result, we have a pristine oriental breed!

The coat is shiny and tight to the body, with virtually no undercoat. A specific sign of the breed is a dark “mask” that covers the front of the muzzle, connects to the ears, but does not enter the cranial part of the head.

Bombay Shorthair Cat

The combination of glossy black wool and the hypnotic sheen of copper eyes makes this breed look like miniature panthers.

The hair of the bombers is dense in itself and it also fits very tightly to the body. In general, the fur coat of these cats leaves an impression of varnishing.

Egyptian Mau

It was the Egyptian Mau in ancient times personified for the Egyptians the Goddess Bastet, the very one who knew how to give the joy of life. Today it is a rather rare breed, in Europe only three nurseries are officially engaged in breeding Egyptian women, and it is a pity - the breed is very interesting. Now you know, for example, that the Egyptian Mau can run at a speed of 58 km per hour ?!

American breed of smooth-haired cats with photos and names

This group of cats from the previous one is distinguished by large sizes and a special "long-legged".

American shorthair cat

For the New World, this breed is not new at all. The ancestors of the American Shorthair cat settled in America several centuries ago, but officially received citizenship only at the beginning of the last century. The black suit of the cat Bastre Brown in 1904 won the connoisseurs of beauty and Baster Brown became the progenitor of this breed. American cats turned out to be very beautiful and just as lazy. So that the pet does not lose its waist, it is recommended that owners regularly exercise with their animals. The coat of the Americans is thick and very soft, unlike the next breed.

American wire-haired cat

This breed is also sometimes called wire-haired and the name as if hints at something. Yes, on the hips, head, ridge and the outer part of the tail, the hair of representatives of this breed is coarser than on the rest of the body, which gave rise to the myth of a different quality of hair. In fact, basically, the hair of these Koto-Americans is no different from the hair of just a short-haired American breed (which has become the basis for hairless cats). The undercoat is thick and, despite the fact that some hairs are tightly curled, in general, their coat is quite soft. And the character is also soft and friendly, for children this breed fits perfectly, as American hairless cats can really take care of human cubs.

American curl

This uncut diamond was discovered in 1981 in California and named Shulamith. Sulamith gave birth to 4 kittens, whose ears bent bizarrely a few days later. This exotic appearance has led to the fact that the American curl is very much appreciated. In the literal sense of the word - the price of a kitten reaches $ 3,000! The hair of representatives of this breed is distinguished by the fact that they have practically no undercoat, and the hairs themselves seem to flow over the body of the cat.

Of course, the story about short-haired cat breeds will not be complete without mentioning such breeds as:

  • abyssinian cat
  • Anatolian cat
  • bengal cat
  • Brazilian cat
  • burmilla shorthair,
  • Corat
  • Cornish Rex
  • Munchkin
  • Russian blue cat
  • and many, many others.

You will find a story about them in our other materials, and in this - a few words about caring for short-haired cat breeds.

Shorthair cat breeding

All shorthair cats are conditionally divided into three types:

  • cats with a short coat close to the body;
  • cats with plush fur;
  • cats with curly hair.

If your cat belongs to the group of short-haired cats with close-fitting hair, then we hasten to congratulate you - care for such a beauty will be minimal! Once a week, comb a cat with a thick comb against and over the coat and treat it with a protein conditioner that preserves the shine of the coat.

"Plush" cats need to be combed out with medium frequency combs, use a massage brush and a rubber mitten as well. The latter is designed to remove permanently frozen hairs.

Curly beauties love to be wiped with a silk cloth or a piece of natural suede. Often bathing representatives of this breed is not recommended. And certainly in no case should you brush your cat after bathing - this careless step can damage delicate curls.

And before we finish the story about short-haired cat breeds - good news! It turns out that the ancestors of modern cats, Nubians, have survived to this day, they can be found everywhere in Africa and in China.

"Murka, call grandma!"

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