Reviews about Josera feed for cats

Choosing what to buy to your beloved cat, you should pay attention not only to the fame of the producer, but also to the composition of the feed and price, which is important for the animal and its owner. Yozer’s cat food has a good complete composition, and its cost (from 450 rubles or 140 hryvnias per one and a half kilogram pack) is fully consistent with the declared quality.

Josera cat food was created by the company taking into account the latest requirements for complete nutrition of a cat. Is it worth giving Josera to your cat? The question is answered by numerous positive reviews of veterinarians and buyers.

Feed advantages:

  • Variety and wide assortment. The company presents a series of dry feeds taking into account different preferences of the animal and their age, which facilitates the choice of the buyer;
  • A well-balanced diet is completely safe and healthy for cats;
  • Favorable effect on the general condition of the cat, which can be argued by paying attention to the reviews about the feed of Yoser for cats. Pets become active and playful, their general condition improves (coat, appetite, digestion, dental condition);
  • Yoser has an excellent composition, each ingredient of the raw materials used in the feed is approved by a certificate for human consumption. The feed is made without the use of any harmful ingredients: flavors, soy, wheat, preservatives, dyes;
  • The comfortable shape of each and the flavor that cats like.

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Cons of Yoser's cat food:

  • The absence or limited availability of small packages on store shelves;
  • A rather high cost of feed, which does not always allow everyone to purchase it;
  • It is difficult to buy in the usual places, you have to look a little.

So, a full-ration for cats from a German manufacturer is pretty good, as they say reviews about cat food Josera, but the choice is yours: evaluate the pros and cons and decide.

If you had experience feeding your pet such food, please share with us.

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