The Travel Cats ~ Si and Monty

Owner: Kellie & George

Names: Si & Monty

Breed: Black DSHs

Gender: Neutered males.

Age: Si is 15mos old (7/2012) and Monty is 4mos old (8/2013)

Food: Fancy Feast Chicken Pate, various Friskies canned, and Mom & Dad sneak in some other brands to keep us healthy & interested in our food.

Snacks: Tiny bites of cheddar cheese.

Toys: Our favorite toys are 'da Bird with its multiple attachments. Our cat dancer makes us wild. We also love noisy balls of any kind. Our most favorite toy in the world hides in Mom's pocket - Laser Mouse.

Activities: We love our meals & naps. When we're not eating or napping, we are playing with our servants who bounce toys around, or chasing each other, westling each other & grooming each other.

About Me - Si - The Big Brother: I am a panther with big sea mist-colored green eyes. I am from a city equipment yard in Vidalia, LA. I now live in a big motorhome & travel the countryside with my servants. I have a very silky, shiny coat & everyone compliments how handsome I am. I like to talk, in fact, they say I talk a lot! And I talked my way right into the hearts of the people who owned my forever home. Mom was a little sad the day we met. I'm a cat, so how could I know she was really missing her Daddy that day. It was the 4th anniversary of his passing & he was the one who taught her to love cats. In fact they had quite a number of cats as she grew up. But I kept talking & she kept listening. I finally talked her out of a piece of that steak she was eating. I formally thanked her by curling up in her lap & falling fast asleep. She even fed my feral friend, but that gal took that steak & ran! Dad knew what Mom was thinking. Dad was hedging for a day because he never had a cat & knew nothing about how much love we're capable of. Within 48hrs Dad called me “his little man.” They both knew I was injured as they had seen the limp I tried to hide each day hunting with my feral friends. They invited me into their forever home for good & got me straight to a doctor who fixed my abcess right up. I remain confused, however, as to why I had to leave the bells I had, proudly hung under my tail, with the doctor. The nerve! I can't complain though, I'm a healthy, happy boy with all the food, fresh water, toys & love in the world. I get to see the country, go walking on my harness outdoors. Nothing could be better… then they told me I was getting a little brother. Say whut!?!

This is Si - the first night we rescued him & cleaned up his leg wound.

About Me - Monty - The Little Brother: I, too, am a panther with olive colored green eyes. I am quite a bit smaller in stature at this time, but just as shiny & soft. I am from Corpus Christi, TX. Mom & Dad had been looking for the right little brother for this behemoth that I now live with. What we're they thinking?! He's huge! They came to where I lived at the shelter with a bunch of other cats but they only wanted to look at panthers my age. Hey, now I'm on the short list. They wandered around the room meeting all my shelter friends. I was hiding beneath their feet, all curled up in a bed in the floor, because - for me - it was nap time. But Dad found me. He rubbed my belly & I thanked him with the loudest purrs he had ever heard. Well, Mom came over, started rubbing under my chin & I was thinking maybe I should follow them around, let them know that I'm a good kitten who wants a home. So I followed them around the room, making sure they saw me, sticking my head through other kittens all vying for attention. Finally I got my chance - They felt my purrs vibrate against their bodies & I talked to them a bit. We all knew I was the only cat in the room at that moment. The next thing I knew was I'm cruising on down the road to my forever home. They stopped to let my big brother see me on the way in the door. Boy did that panther look surprised! He liked me though he just didn't know it yet. He stood watch at the door I was behind for hours on end. Over the next couple of days big brother explained what was going on around here a few times. But we're now best buds. Bonded for life. We play hard together, eat good meals together, groom each other & sleep together. I haven't traveled in this thing they tell me is a motorhome yet, but I know Mom & Dad will keep me safe & whatever my big brother does I can do too.

This is Monty - on our bed - the day we brought him home.

Thank you for reading our story… now you may continue to our cuteness overload below.

Si napping on his bed on the couch (8mos old)

Monty napping in his snuggle bed on the couch (4mos old)

Si likes to bullfrog on the wood or tile floors.

Si telling me to leave him alone while he grooms in the sink. Haha

Si looking for fish in the creek while we're walking around the campground in Colorado last summer.

Si (L) and Monty (R) in their window hammocks.

Trying to fool Mom into thinking there is nothing that went on, nor about to go on.

Thick as thieves are these two now.

Little brothers make the best pillows.

We both started our New Year off right, we found our forever home. We are dreaming that all kitties do too.

Sweet Monty at 4mos old.

Si telling Dad what he thinks about all the college football. LOL

Monty loves playing with his catnip toys against his scratching post.

A face tap signifying a truce (probably) after a morning of these two wrestling on our dash.

Monty and his denim catnip toy in the afternoon sun.

When it nears mealtime, both boys will calmly lay down & try to hypnotize me with their cuteness into opening the food cabinet door sooner.

Little Monty at 6mos

Si & Monty lounging, ever so briefly before the wrestling match begins.

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