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Basset Hound - a dog with an original appearance, a sort of squat melancholic with sad eyes, which I just want to feel sorry for. But is not such a look deceiving? What are the representatives of this breed actually? This must be clarified before this cutie appears in the house.

Origin of breed

The name of the breed speaks for itself, because in translation it means "low hound." The history of basset hounds is quite deep and stretches back to ancient Egypt. The first mention of powerful dogs with short legs was found there. Then, in Saqqara (Egypt), the remains of the ancestors of these animals were also found. Similar dogs were also known in Ancient Rome and Greece, excavation data also confirmed this.

Short-legged hounds were reared in France at the Benedictine abbey of St. Hubert in the 6th century. This was the point of subsequent distribution of the breed in all European countries. Several representatives even reached Constantinople.

The first mention of basset hounds at the end of the 16th century was discovered among pictures of hunting. At that time, hunting with dogs was available only to the aristocratic circle. Needless to say, animals suitable for these breeds were very expensive and took basset breeding very seriously, selecting the most worthy individuals for breeding.

The Great French Revolution had a negative impact on the development of the breed, but under Napoleon III the breeding of basset breeding flourished. Breeding came under control in the 70s of the 19th century, then these hounds came to the territory of Great Britain.

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The British did not stand aside and contributed to the pedigree qualities of these dogs. Crossing the hounds, they increased their body weight and made them more powerful. Another direction of selection was aimed at crossing the Bassets from France and England. The adoption of the breed standard occurred at the end of the 19th century, and its update in 2010.

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Basset Hound breed description

The characteristic of the basset hound is quite interesting. As already noted, basset hounds are low hounds. This name is associated with their unique combination with a heavy bone frame covered with muscles. They have a large torso and short, strong limbs.

  • At weight 23-30 kg growth they vary from 33 to 38 cm. This ratio of height to weight in medicine has its own name - achondroplasia, that is, dwarfism. However, in this case, it is the norm and does not require medical intervention. Moreover, being the breed standard, such a constitution distinguishes basset among other four-legged. Most of the mass falls on the front of the dog. And the lack of balance does not allow dogs to swim.
  • The hounds are very sharp scentThis is not surprising, given the purpose of the breed. In this they are helped by ears, which, as it were, "raise" the aromas from the earth to the nose of the animal. Their hunting sense of smell can compete with the sniff of sniffer dogs. The remaining breeds in this regard are significantly behind.
  • Skull The basset has a round shape. The abundance of skin in the muzzle forms folds. It is this feature that gives the dog a sad look and, according to many owners, a certain charm and mystery.
  • The basset hounds have remained strong hunting instincts and in their habit of breaking away from their intended prey. So their lazy and imposing appearance is misleading. Excess skin, as well as long ears that hang down to the ground, allow dogs to not only smell the game, but also overtake. Naturally, such qualities of hounds were fully appreciated by hunters.
  • Having short limbsDogs cannot reach high speeds like other large dogs. But thanks to this feature, dogs can sneak up and attack suddenly.
  • The bassets are long enough tail with a white tip that allows you to see the dog even at long distances, in the bush or tall grasses.
  • Coat low hounds are smooth and short, minus is year-round molting. Wool has a special oily coating with a specific odor, and do not try to wash this feature with frequent washing.

Basset colors

  • Among the standard colors you can find three-color basset hats - brown, white and black spots are located throughout the body. This is the classic color of this breed.
  • There are also two-color dogs - they are decorated with white spots on a red background or, conversely, red spots on a white background.
  • Pure red bassets with white or yellowish limbs are less common. Any of these colors are standard.
  • But gray dogs are not so much a rare color, as sellers of basset hound puppies sometimes explain, but in most cases, a sign of a genetic disorder.

Basset character

In appearance, these dogs are flexible and phlegmatic, however, in fact, basset hounds are rare stubborn and they are very good at getting the owners crazy. But this does not prevent them from being affectionate and loyal companions.

Designed for collective hunting, dogs are suitable for living in a large family, do not show aggression, and often make friends with other pets. But there are certain restrictions, as small rodents and rabbits are the subject of hunting for bassets.

Bassets are excellent nannies. Despite the apparent clumsiness, they never knock children down and treat them very carefully. Just whistle and the dog will join in any game and will receive real pleasure from joint hanging out.

Many owners confirm that the bassets are real aristocrats. They behave in public with dignity, and they like the attention of others, especially when it comes to contests and exhibitions.

But the “blue blood" in them is manifested not only in behavior, but also in character, and not from the best side. They highly value their significance and their own opinion, so they can refuse to perform tasks, even those who are familiar. And yes, like the rest of the hounds, basset hounds are very difficult to train.

Dogs are distinguished by a loud voice, as in large, tall animals. This quality can serve poor service when the dog is left alone. At first, he can bark floodly, after which he will switch to damage to property. This once again confirms that Basset Hounds are companionable dogs.

In the first place among the favorite pastimes of the hounds is hunting. But even in urban conditions, you can captivate your pet by offering a long walk in a forest zone or park, or an active game.

Basset care and containment

Bassets are special dogs that require special attention in some matters. For example, short paws lead to more severe contamination of the coat than other breeds. Therefore, there is a need for warming the pet in winter, clothes for wet weather and more frequent washing.

An elongated body makes the spine a vulnerable place, so it is important to protect your pet from high jumps, long descents and climbs of stairs. Ears should be cleaned at least once every 3-4 days with a cotton swab or cloth.

Bassets are characterized by constant lacrimation, however, their eyes are not prone to frequent diseases. As a care, it is enough to rinse them periodically with chamomile broth. Drooling can occur in these dogs, so it is recommended to wipe the salivary secretions from the face, as well as dust and dirt.

As already noted, the basset hounds have a special "flavor", but they are not fans of swimming. They should be accustomed to this hygienic procedure from a puppy's age and then bathed a couple of times a month.

Getting a pet of this breed, you need to be prepared for daily combing of wool, as bassets molt constantly. As a tool, a brush or massage comb is suitable, it is better if its bristles are natural. The duration of one procedure is on average 7 minutes, so there are no special difficulties.

Another regular procedure is claw cutting, it is carried out 1 time in 2-4 weeks. Walk adult bassets twice a day. The time allotted for a walk should be about half an hour, be sure to be accompanied by a game and a run.

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Given hunting preferences, you should not take a pet without a leash or trust this matter to children, since the dog can run after prey and get lost.

Dogs must be raised from the "youngest claws", and the owner must immediately demonstrate their superiority and leadership qualities. It is necessary to act persistently, and stock up with enormous patience.

Basset Hound is a large animal, therefore it requires enough space, whether in an apartment or a private house.

How to feed a basset hound

It is very important to provide the dog with proper nutrition and necessary loads. Very often, urban hounds move little, which leads to their obesity. And overweight affects the health of the short limbs and the elongated spine of the pet. To lose weight, you will need to follow a diet. The main products for natural feeding are low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat meats, quail eggs.

Breeders of this breed warn that it is impossible to focus on the dog’s appetite, as bassets very often overeat. When feeding an adult dog an average of 2 cups of food is sufficient. A more accurate norm depends on the size, age of the pet, activity and other parameters.

For the health and well-being of a pet, it is extremely important to receive nutritious, quality food. Therefore, it is better to give preference to premium and super-premium feeds. When purchasing a puppy, do not forget to consult with the breeders about the care and nutrition of a dog of this breed.

Basset Hound photo

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Where to buy a puppy and for how much

To get a purebred, healthy puppy, it is better to contact the kennels. However, in Russia the breed is not widespread and there are few nurseries. You may have to go to another city.

The price of puppies ranges from 25000-45000. The lowest price for dogs that do not have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and breeding (continued purity of the breed). A pet with a slight flaw in the standard will cost more, which will not allow it to become a prize winner of the exhibitions, but here it is quite a successor. The most expensive option is a show class puppy who will be an enviable groom.

It doesn’t matter which pet gets into the house, in any case it deserves attention and affection, and the basset in this case is completely reciprocated.

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