Little Girl, the stray who chose me <3

Name: Little Girl Sex: female Is this a Memorial Page? no Year of Birth: 2012 Breed: domestic longhair Fur Color: white and black Eye Color: yellow green Biography: Little Girl is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. She does not have a mean bone in her little cat body. Arrival Story: Little Girl was a stray until we took her in. I was outside tending to chickens, and I saw her hunting in the field. Upon approaching her, I saw that she was skin and bones! Although I had never had a cat, I knew that she needed to be cared for. I gave her a bowl of food and fresh water, along with a lovely, soft, fluffy cushion on the porch. The next day, I set about finding her owner. After searching for weeks, no owner was found, and so she officially became mine. She has been vetted and is now an indoor kitty. <3 Love you, Little Girl! Favorite Food & Treats: Right now she is on Iam's Kitten since she is due to have her litter any day. Favorite Toys: Tiny, bendy twigs! Anything that whips back and forth, she loves.

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