My Boney Girl


A little kitty wandered into my life in need of care. I was glad to help her. Somebody had abandoned her, maybe because of her less than perfect health. My attempt to resist attachment was wholly unsuccessful. I loved her and always will. Pets add quality to our days here on earth and become valued family members.Our story is that of a regular guy and a regular cat. Our good times, her battle with feline renal disease and my struggle to adjust to life without her.In the following pages I remember her expressed in rhyme, stories, pictures and illustrations. She deserves to be remembered and I wish to never forget

The Best Days

I still remember that early June rain

It was twilight

Wet you were when to my front door you came

Through the screen we heard your cries

We turned on the porch light

Then we looked into your eyes

Slowly we opened our front door

Inside you eagerly entered

Then ate from a bowl on the floor

Our other cat made a chorus of bad sounds

As we gave you water

This poor little kitty barely weighs four pounds

After seeing the happy look on my wife's face

I knew not to argue

You have chosen well as this is now your new place

The prettiest thing I noticed first

Such unusual eyes

A bright green, brown and golden starburst

A silver spot near the tip of your tail made me grin

Your classic square mug

The light butterscotch stain underneath that cute chin

A calico kitty now home not lonely

You are where you belong

Needing a good name I now call you Boney

We had no way of knowing how old you might be

First trip to the vet

He guessed one to near two from what he could see

I feel you cannot be much more than year one

As small as you are

Surprised your spaying had already been done

Was your mom real good to you, and was she as pretty?

Do you remember her?

Were you raised in the country or raised in the city?

Your brothers and sisters, are they like you?

How many? How are they?

Curious I am but have not a clue

We wonder who had you before you came to stay

How was your life?

Who were those people? How could they throw you away?

Her coat shined as she got stronger

Litter training not needed

She grew taller and longer

Intentions were for her to belong to my wife

Somehow she touched me

Becoming, my sweet kitty, the pet of my life

The feeling that filled me when you lay on my lap

Fulfilling calmness

Stretched out or curled up and taking a nap

She seemed often to have symptoms of a cold

We consulted our vet

Tried all the antibiotics that he sold

Her cold never really improved for the better

Could be allergies

Maybe it changed with pollen levels and weather

Together many times we were so sneezy

Wish she would let me wipe her nose

Unable to cure her made me uneasy

Let me trim those long nails I would beg

She never allowed me to cut them

Stuck in everything except my bare leg

With those claws she did nothing bad

Did not damage carpet or furniture

Like most of the pets I have had

The log edging around my flower bed

Served as her scratching post

Respectful inside, so well she was bred

She enjoyed the treats I would hand her

Loved me scratching her back

Received as firm and strong stander

Polite, gentle and without any ill will

Happy, grateful and contented

Never did I see her another life kill

A lot of water she would always drink

Hard to keep her bowl full

Quite often I had to fill from the sink

She loved to lie by a heater and loved to lie in the sun

Sometimes after using her litter

Briskly up and down the hallway, across the room she would run

Odd that she seemed not to know how to play

The first months her sounds were few

Then found her voice and had plenty to say

A sweet and pleasant voice with which she was blest

Appeared to say please, thank you and may I

Her sound like Marge Simpson and purr I liked best

She became an indoor cat but still liked outside

Down the driveway we would walk and race me back

Under the daylilies by the house she would hide

In the lawn she really preferred not to walk

After eating select blades and finding the sun

She would lie on concrete, mulch or a flat rock

Through all of my flower beds often she passes

Desirous of salad

Eating young blades of ornamental grasses

Blades of grass to help calm your tummy

Cat grass, lemon grass, feather reed and fountain

Glad you found them tender and yummy

Sometimes during winter outside wanting to go

Revealing snow or cold through open door

She would change her mind and meow oh no no no

The clutter in our garage she was curious about

Taking her chance to explore in there

When knowing she has been seen, she comes running right back out

There were many places in the house where we could find her

Window sill, chairs, couch, carpet, her green blanket, under a table

On my work pants or on the back bed with the stuffed tiger

While sitting in my recliner so pleasing to my sight

Her eyes rounding the corner of the coffee table

Wanting to come up, looking to see if it is alright

She has springs in her feet, on my lap so softly she lands

Stretched out on my thighs

I kiss her head while scratching her chin and back with my hands

To be picked up she did not like

Nor to be brushed

Hair mats would form, ball up or spike

To get these cut off I had to be brave

She might hiss or slap me

Sometimes we went to the vet for a shave

I regret that two times under my care

Boney Girl had fleas

Collar and spray not enough as a pair

For two seasons the new drops worked well

Then they did not

Success with another brand our vet did sell

Before my Boney Girl showed up at our place

Our other cat Xena was an only child

She resented Boney and sharing her space

She stole Boney's food and blockaded her way

Stalked and attacked her

I was a referee many a day

Well over a year this behavior went

Before there was measured tolerance

Xena is number one was message sent

Pleasant happiness I think Boney would find

Ready to accept a playmate and companion

To have a very good friend of her own kind

Boney began standing up for herself, that was good

They even combined voices at mealtime

They never became close like we so hoped they would

My wife will say that this is not funny

Three jealous girls in my house

Compete away to be my top honey

Boney and my wife had a competition

A battle for a seat on the couch

Which end will be the coveted position?

A repetitive contest that made me smile

Call it a draw between the two cats

Both on my lap holding me down for awhile

Easy to tell when Boney had made up her mind

Unmovable, through, over, under or around

Her determined expression was one of a kind

Lying pretty with her legs crossed or sitting up so straight

She had the manners of a proper lady

Dainty portions, slow and quiet is how she sat and ate

Sauces and gravy she fully liked best

Lapping up these first

Before taking her time eating the rest

A taste for people food she had no desire

Content with what we gave her

When by the fireplace she would look at the fire

Once in a while would she rub on her catnip toy

Curious about anything on the floor

The simple things in life always filled her with joy

Boney was an adorable sleeper

Startled by sudden loud sounds

Never was she afraid of the sweeper

When people came over she did not run away

Boney would gladly accept attention

Or if they ignored her that was also okay

Her name Boney was not given to be mean

That is just how she came to us

Even growing bigger she still remained lean

I guess this must be some kind of law

When told what her name was

Girls and ladies almost always said awhh

She was from Heaven sent

Her name an expression of affection

A term of endearment

Shades of butterscotch, glossy black and bright white

The colors of her coat

Mixed well with all other colors in my sight

She is my child, my companion and friend

Always glad to see me

I am most happy to her needs to attend

Choose a cat from an ad, a shelter, pet store or breeder

A stray cat chooses you

To complete the deal one only has to love her and feed her

My first cat, a tom of the alley, was a stray

Being quite young, I cried and cried

Until big Mr. Tom Gray was allowed to stay

Xena and Boney that makes three

All stray cats

Cherished members of my family

If ever I have in my remaining days

Any more cats

Please answer this prayer and let them be strays

I am so glad that Boney chose me

One of life's surprises

The best things in life truly are free

Her greetings, attentions and affections I treasure

Guaranteed to make my day better

The value of this is of quite infinite measure

When I had a rough or a bad day

Coming home to Boney Girl

Always melted my troubles away

These were very good days for which I yearn

If I had a time machine

Back to our beginning I would return

Stray Thoughts

The passage of time, so fast day after day

Every afternoon at 4:38 p.m.

Another twenty four hours farther away

When her body shut down, barely breathing

Not appearing to suffer

Maybe those hours were a time spent dreaming

I hope those dreams were very pleasant, not bad

Of sunshine and love

My devoted attentions, the good days we had

When my Boney Girl passed, she did not leave much behind

Vaccine tags, a litter box, food and water bowls

A few pictures and the memories etched in my mind

Four great years and eight months together we were

She deserved so much more

The rest of my life I will always miss her

All about this house did our Xena roam

The first few days you were gone

Used her nose to search for you in our empty home

A loving stepsister, yes I know Xena was not

I can see she misses you

The times you girls got along and the times you girls fought

I know that Nancy really loved you too

Love began upon hearing your cries

Love just before the first clear sight of you

This pretty small cat from Nancy I did not try to steal

How can one predict a relationship?

How it may develop and how in the future we feel

There are places around here I give a long stare

My mind fills in the blanks

For a fleeting instant it seems like she is there

I sit beside the bluestone marker at the head of your piece of ground

I close my eyes remembering you

Observing other animals when I raise my head and look around

Creatures from the pond and woods, and birds from the sky

Come here to reverently visit you

Not far from our house where we said our last goodbye

Walking away from your grave with tears down my cheeks streaming

I stop, turn around and look back

Hoping not to see your marker, hoping I am dreaming

Your grave I will always keep and take such good loving care

A place where I can find you

Planted twenty one daffodils to sweeten the spring air

Times to remember have from us gone by

Wonderful times they were

Yet thoughts of your passing still make me cry

Thinking of all the good days makes me cry too

Are these happy tears?

I hope to just smile some day thinking of you

Boney Girl, I am very grateful for our short history

Excepting mom, sisters and lady relatives

You're the only girl to have never disappointed me

I needed this kitty more than she needed me

Jesus now has her

So together forever someday we will be

Eternal love, joy, warmth, all ailments mended

Perfect as my eyes have always seen you

Wanting for nothing, by angels attended

Until then, this shall I do with the time we must wait

Apply to life what you have taught until the day we meet again

My promise, Boney Girl, on that day I will not be late

Lessons from Boney Girl

Typically we teach our pets. When we pay attention, our pets can teach us. My Boney Girl has taught me and reinforced by her example things I should or already know. Sadly, some lessons are learned at Boney's expense.Be happy and grateful for what you do have. The simple things in life are essential. Be polite, courteous, enjoy and treat well those around you. Be positive and keep your chin up when things are or seem bad. Show more concern for the troubles of others than your own. Time is the greatest gift one can give. Learn to get along with your adversaries. Enjoy the day every day. Don't fret about yesterday or worry about tomorrow. Euthanasia is not always the right answer. Think about it carefully and get a second opinion for your pet as you would for yourself. Early disease detection is critical. When death comes, face it with courage. It is okay to cry and okay to seek support to help manage grief. Prayers are answered.All from a cat. Seven pounds of wisdom. I am sure there are other lessons that will find me later. She has also set me on a path of learning to be a better and more knowledgeable pet owner. What do you suppose your pet can teach you?

Last Thought

My Boney Girl was a regular kitty. I am just a regular guy. Neither one of us is famous. Neither one of us has saved the world, but for a little while we saved each other.

Thanks for being my Boney Girl.

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